April 27th 2015, Doha, Qatar





As you are reading this message I am in a plane to Oman, indicating the passengers the emergency exits and how to use the oxygen masks in case of decompression.

The Story

I am a lawyer. Since 2012, when I became the youngest lawyer in Romania, at the age of 22, after passing an exam for which the success rate was under 10%. I worked in a leading law firm for almost 5 years. Starting with the second Law School year I have been, in order, intern, paralegal, trainee lawyer and fully qualified lawyer. And some relevant people say I did a good job.


In the last two years alone I have worked as lawyer with all that the profession implies (representation in courts, drafting endless memorandums, nerve wrecking deadlines, a lot of coffee), I have graduated a prestigious LLM (Masters of Law) taught in English (where I was admitted first), postgraduate courses and also the INPPA (National Institute for Training and Proficiency of Lawyers, a mandatory two year training for trainee lawyers). I have published articles in law reviews and every once in a while I participated as speaker at law conferences. I have participated at the most important international and European courses and contests in the Private Law field. In a nutshell, I was 100% involved in my career evolution and during all 5 years I used my holidays and off days for exams, courses, specializations, drafting thesis and checking success after success. No, I am not modest and I have no reason to be so because it involved continuous study and a lot of work and everything came together with a high price and sacrifices.

The Main Idea

In December I passed the final bar exam. Again, the youngest in the country. Two days before the exam, though, I was going (together with the lawyer profession law and statute – with the covers hidden so that nobody sees what I am reading – because I was told it will last long) to an interview to become a flight attendant. After the final interview during which I told about the countries in which I have studied, worked, traveled to and lived in, the interviewers told me that I am already a flight attendant.
Then, things ran smoothly and somewhat normally. I was accepted the following day. I became fully qualified lawyer two days later after passing the exam, I continued my everyday office routine and two months later I found in the inbox a plane ticket to the new – from city/country/continent, field of activity, official religion to language(s), traditions, habits, mentality, beliefs. One way ticket.

I packed everything (my whole life spread in two cities), I quit my job and said goodbye from the known, in less than 4 days just to embark to the (wonderful) unknown.

During the last two months I have completed flight attendant training at one of the most reputable training centers in the world (of course, I could not stay away from studying for too long). I learned about types of aircraft, safety notions, actions in case of fire, bomb onboard, evacuation on water and on ground, first aid, dispute settling methods, hospitality, wine types and how to offer good service. Moreover, I learned how to apply full make-up in less than 5 minutes, the shades that complement me, how to make the perfect bun, more or less what all women want. I have functioned 6 days a week, sometimes starting from 3 or 4 AM in a batch of wonderful girls from 12 countries.

Today I am starting the journey of my life, a road of self-knowledge and self-education. I am leaving to search for a spiritual awareness over a material one. I shall look for unwritten laws rather than written ones – as until now.


Why? I know tens of laws and suitcases of law books, but I do not have some simple answers. I want to find out more about myself, about life and about the world.

I left my comfort zone to move in a country where I haven’t been before, having a culture to which I belong, but which is foreign though, where I do not know anybody and where I am taking 3 things in a suitcase. Full of enthusiasm and happiness!

I hated the comfort zone ever since I can remember and I constantly changed my environment, because it is the only way I am content and I live, work and evolve to my full potential.

I came without knowing where I will arrive, in order to look for something that is not defined. I did not asked for anyone’s blessing and I do not claim that someone understand me. I had everything that somebody would desire, but I am looking for more. Not more money, more recognition or more furs. More than just…comfort zone, more than the predictability of the painful routine. My own axis.

I see things a lot more simple: I think I was living in an inadequacy in time and space which I came to correct.

It has been a great start. I proved myself and the whole world I can do whatever I plan. To tangible for my taste. “Ordinary life does not interest me” Anais Nin. I wanted to sign up for a second university, but I left for a much more useful one.


The Conclusion: “Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments.” Anais Nin

Yes, I am one Unexpected turbulenceof the most qualified young lawyers and I took a sabbatical to become a flight attendant and travel the world. It is a decision of which I completely take ownership for, a decision I am very proud of. My CV allows me to take a break of a few years witho
ut my professional path being hindered.

I am not expecting that everybody agrees with my decision and the fact that I feel fulfilled gives me the luxury of not needing anybody’s approval. Things happen for each of us the way they have to, when they have to.

In an interview I gave regarding my professional activity I was asked, besides the professional aspects about my passions. I answered: “I like to travel, to discover new cultures and views in faraway destinations or to walk in charming corners of Bucharest, to go to classical music concerts, to get lost in flea markets, to read, to go to fine dining restaurants or to have snack in the historical center of Bucharest and to watch the street show, to walk the world museums. I kept my passions for map since I participated at the national contest of geography. My passions are expressed in many cultures, languages and meridians.”

Therefore, from this point of view, nothing is surprising in my decision. Think of me as unexpected turbulence.