March 8th, Doha, Qatar, 4AM

Sometimes I see only black and white and sometimes I see all the colors, but at the end of the day I don’t forget who I am.

March 9th 2016, Berlin, Germany, late evening

Arrived in my room having lots of windows on two of the walls. Drinking some champagne looking at the view towards the Berlin Philharmonic and Tiergarten. Thinking about the countless opera, classical music, theater, underground lays, ballet shows I’ve been to in my previous life. Each path we take has its purpose and limitations.

Down at Le Bar thinking about this Insurance Law conference going on in the hotel. Owned by Qatar. Thinking about the future and it’s bright. Cheers to that!

Because life is ironic and because life deserves being celebrated – lawyers’ professional meeting in Berlin…


March 10th 2016, Berlin, Germany

Woke up before most of the souls sleeping in this hotel.

My windows overlook the new building of the Social Sciences University. It’s weekend and only one window has the lights opened. It should be around 7 AM, one hour later, the same light opened. Making me think of that one who gets first to work before everyone and leaves last…

Put on a thick dress looking black coat tied around the waist and over the knee boots and got lost in the hallway labyrinth of the hotel until I stepped out.

My nose froze by the time I arrived at the first corner.

Passing by Gemaldegalerie, bullet holes covering the walls of the building nearby, lonely black crows and nobody on the streets.

Berlin is a beautiful place, but finding it in early March, in this cold weather outside and some cold feelings within me, makes me see it in black and white.


This is a personal evolution blog and not a travel one. My words and pictures reflect my states and my feelings and not the city itself. This is applicable for Berlin or any other city I write about. Because I don’t write about cities, I write about myself.

A huge tree conquered by mistletoe by the park lane. I see it as a sign – mistletoe is renowned for bringing luck. Nobody’s up yet and even the traffic is low. A bold man in jeans and thick coat on a bicycle with a tiny dog jumping around the bike. Inscription “56” in red on a tree. =11. Right when I think about a soul I used to know before, before, before.

The trees wear no leaves yet. In the middle of a place without trees I see a big square grey construction and a small square on it, like a window, at eye level. That kind of clue that makes you curious. What is there? I’m thinking it should be something connected to the war, to the Jews, to the Wall. I peep inside. A projection of two men kissing passionately…


I keep walking, touching my ears to see if they’re still there. Goethe Monument. I cross the street and I reach The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a site of 2711 concrete square constructions of different heights. It cost around 25 million euros and it’s a place that sends the message. I took various pictures and videos of the place and I particularly like one that shows the no exit situation of the Jews at the moment.

Let me tell you I was harshly judged for my pictures in Berlin. By different people from different countries, different religions, but all of great quality and highly qualified in their fields. First because of a picture I took at this Memorial. Of myself. And because I offended somehow the memories of the Jews. Then because of the numerous black and white pictures I took in the city. Apparently I presented it in a…black and white perspective.


Over and over again. My blog posts, my words, my pictures and videos are my thoughts, how I see the world that day or how I see the city. I am not paid by anyone and nobody is forced to agree with me. Whatever I write or click is fully assumed and while feedback is highly appreciated, I will not change anything just to please someone. I’m not a public authority, I’m an individual…

18th of March Square. Brandenburg Gate. Siegessaule – Victory Monument somewhere in the background, in gold through the foggy air. Some Russians visiting the city. Very happy and cheerful. Heads with furry hoods around. Reichstang Building. Some sun.

Museum fur Kommunikation Berlin. Street art. Wide spaces and a hot air balloon “Die Welt” on the sky. Next to the musem, a modern art piece. Hope for those Who Hope. An imaginary cathedral with iron contour. Art Nouveau stunning buildings around. A good contrast.


Soon I’m at Checkpoint Charlie. Noir Berlin shop with its colorful Trabants. Pop Art. McDonald’s on the background of the “US Army Checkpoint”.

“You are leaving American sector” sign in English, Russian, French and German.

“Unity in Liberty” in mosaic on the sidewalk. Same languages and for some kind of reason the Russian one is extremely appealing.

Topography of Terrors. Black and white as before. This trip was about some suffering – it should be my own connecting to the one of the city in times of tumult – flashes and black and white images.

The hot air balloon goes up and down and I’m by the steel structures in the concrete wall that used to be The Wall. The street art brings some color and joy in my agitated soul.

It does not matter where we go and how long we stay. What we see, eat, drink. It matters what we feel when we do, how it changes us, how it takes us connect the information with what we know from yesterday or a few lives before. Life is about experience and evolution. Purpose and fulfillment. Of our destiny, of our purpose in this world. Of how we can help others…but first of all we have to help ourselves.

The thing I like most about aviation is that first you have to place your oxygen mask and then help others. For the simple reason that if you’re lost, you cannot help. Like in life…


March 11th 2016, Doha, Qatar

I feel I have some going away syndrome and love it.

Just came from flight, going to sleep just to wake up to go to another one. Saw a plane on the sky. Wished I was in it. So obsessed.