My schedule for August is pretty good, I just came back from Zanzibar and Bangkok and before my annual holiday starting the 22nd, I am going to Jakarta and Nairobi and have training for a new aircraft. However, I am still waiting to see what “present” destination I will receive for my birthday, for which I purposely did not ask for a flight. I like to be surprised.


Back from Iran. Second time in my short time working as cabin crew when I get compliments from customers on consecutive flights. There must be something about the good vibes in Thailand, cause first time it was Bangkok and Phuket and now Bangkok and Iran. I really think I found my vocation and I feel how this job changes me as a person, bringing out the best in me. Being between people is a blessing and creating special moments for them which are appreciated is very fulfilling for me. I feel that I am in the right place at the right moment. I am in the right place. I am.
Now preparing for the unexpected present (just inboxed yesterday) from my employer for my upcoming birthday – trip to Copenhagen. This month is just perfect and this is just the beginning.

Then presents started coming in, of which the most exciting was my article about South Africa being featured on the official page of The Cape Wheel, an attraction I had written about.

I am packing for Copenhagen. I wanted to sleep, but then decided to stay awake until 7 AM and speak with a friend from US, go to the office, solve the visa documents for the upcoming holiday and then sleep.

We have checked in at Radisson BLU in Copenhagen, it is raining and I already opened a bottle of wine. It is my birthday, after all. It is impossible not to think things over, now that I am 25, that I have changed so many – everything – in such a short while. I don’t remember where I spent my last birthday, but that’s part of my “other life”, so I don’t care that much.

The most important purpose in my life is to find my way (not to figure out life, because … hmm) and this day announcing a quarter century of my short-time-long-way life opened my eyes: now I am living to fulfill my destiny. So I took a paper from the hotel and wrote “To live to fulfill your destiny…Copenhagen, 11.08.2015 S.”.

With this in mind, I put on high heel over the knee long boots, took a cab and stopped in Nyhaven, Copenhagen’s New Harbor. The city is enjoyable, very quiet and keeps the style and atmosphere of other Scandinavian capitals. If I had to choose, although none is my kind of city, I would go to Stockolm.

The colorful houses in the harbor are jolly and they match my colorful scarf and light green sweater. I’m the only one in heels and the only one in a skirt and I am also carrying my selfie stick in bright colors, so most of the people are staring at me. Then I realized, I could never fit in here. Actually, I could, but it would kill my inner self. You would say it’s more difficult to live in the Middle East, but it’s not. There’s color and life, there’s dance and laughter, spices and spiced up life, which I did not manage to sport neither in Stockholm or Copenhagen.

I love my life in the desert, the eternal summer, the prayer that plays even in the hypermarkets when it’s time, the relaxation, wide roads, sand dunes and SUVs, the buildings, the banks, the everyday life. Already familiar, already mine, comfortable and agreeable. Peaceful life, crazy job, good average of life madness. Contrasts everywhere, my love.

Admiring the boats, some older, some brand new, the restaurants on both sides of the harbor, the ice cream shops with homemade waffles, the small flags everywhere, the houses that seem very old, the chic ones, the one having three metallic bees between first and second floor, I walk towards the opened water. This whole part of the city looks drawn according to a fairy tale. And I like real stories. Even when they do not have happy endings.


My thoughts and I walk together, smiling at the people looking and receiving smiles back. These walks, in cities of the world help me know myself better. Every now and then the sun gets upset and hides between the clouds, but then pops out again, so I can stare at him.

Copenhagen is charming and is a city that was on my list. It happened that I spent one of my birthdays in the city with the most expensive opera houses in the world and the most famous mermaid. Which I found disappointing, but loved its surroundings and the walk to it. Where I found a “David” of Michelangelo, facing the water and the Opera. It couldn’t be truer that the journey is more important than the destination. Because I lived a few times the emptiness of the fulfilled dream. Maybe this were the events leading my steps to where I am now. If you feel 100% fulfilled you don’t leave. Ever.


On the boat cruise a dog sitting next to me and his owners was so scared, that he went backwards until there was nowhere else to go. My relations with animals was not the happiest one. My dogs either died or got sick, my hamster ate the carpet and we had to give it away, fish run out of oxygen and started floating with their bellies up, I’m scared of cats and actually of most animals. Although I don’t think I’ll ever make it to like a cat – I like to say that I cannot be with one in the same room because I don’t like that someone more wicked than I be there – I want to learn how to love dogs.

The cruise takes you under wide and narrow bridges, tall and low ones and our redhead guide was entertaining. I admired the building of the stock exchange dating from the beginning of 17th century and especially the sculpture on top representing the tail of four dragons entangled, as a symbol of the unity between Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


More than the Royal Palace, I liked the streets around it, with fancy small original shops and coffee shops. An agreeable stop was in the magnificent Marble Church, where I occupied the furthest place under the eyes of three males.

I walked a lot, and I cannot deny the city is a good place to live. If you want fresh air, healthy bicycle rides to work, good social protection, blonde hair, quietness. My spirit will not vibrate with this even at 90 years old.

In preparation of the upcoming Gay Parade, the City Hall area was all colored in the traditional stripes, the stores were serving coffee in cups having the gay flag, all stores had something gay friendly drawn on the windows and they even launched the gay pride donuts.


Another reason why I was thrilled for this surprise destination was because one of my colleagues in university lives in Copenhagen, building a new life with his girlfriend. I remember meeting with her in former aristocracy house now restaurant in Bucharest in December/January. She said – “I got the ticket” (one-way to go and live with him) and I said – “I’m leaving. I’m only waiting for the ticket”.

I had checked – like I always do – some good restaurants and bars in Copenhagen and the cocktail bar that appeared in all articles was Ruby, so I could not wait to see them there, when my friend proposed…Ruby. The cocktails are great and the stories were savory.

The following day I walked to the city, walked the streets, stopped in a chic restaurant, took some minutes to sit by the water facing the Opera and moving my feet like kids, view a parade of the royal guards, stared at the National Theater and then prepared to go…

…back to my life in the desert.

…back to training starting tomorrow.

…back to Coca Cola 0 and studying in order to receive the accreditation on a new type of aircraft, Airbus 330, opening my destinations to Ho Chi Min, Hong Kong, Manchester, Lagos, Barcelona, Jakarta, Hangzhou, Milano, Myanmar, Venice, Dhaka, Berlin and others.

Let’s study, let’s pass and let’s travel on!