În pelerinaj la Arsenie Boca

La Mănăstirea BrâncoveanuDupă cum reiese din titlu, am fost în Pelerinaj la Arsenie Boca cu Patriarhia Română. Acum, știu, e firesc, să se ridice câteva întrebări. Cum și de ce? Simplu, am simțit că e ceva ce mă ajută spiritual și mental, că am nevoie de liniște, că vreau să înțeleg unele lucruri și să … Continue Reading

Personal Thoughts Somewhere in Iran

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Looking at the locals, living in a restrictive regime where self-expression and the free propagation of ideas is not exactly what you would be inclined to do, I’m wondering how many live for a dream and what is that dream? Travelling through tens of countries from Bangladesh to Japan and … Continue Reading

June in Barcelona

Read about my very first trip to Barcelona and about a mysterious story.   June 6th 2016, Doha, Qatar, at the airport I came from bay 101 with flight 220 (Bucharest) only to go to Barcelona (flight 137) and come back with flight 146. All 11s. It’s Ramadan already, new month of June. My friend … Continue Reading

Muslims Celebrating Orthodox Easter in Catholic Rome

Be careful what you wish for, cause it might just come true. For years I dreamt about  a jet set life, that one afforded only by the rich and famous. To take a flight just to have dinner in Rome, by Fontana di Trevi, to fly to Melbourne for the latest Warhol exhibition, to book … Continue Reading

Venice Fantasy (II) – Just Art and Feeling

Read here the first part of the story: Venetian Fantasy (I)  March 31st 2016, Venice, Italy, on some canal, crossing some bridge, so happy So, here I am on this tongue of land sustaining the train I’m in that’s taking me to the city of waters, of art, of love, of culture, of canals, of … Continue Reading

Venetian Fantasy (I)

Read here the second part of the story: Venice Fantasy – Just Art and Feeling The two days I spent in Venice were all about fantasy, my own fantasy. I walked around with a mask although the Carnival is over, I went by myself to fancy restaurants, drank Aperol Spritz (Spritzer, the orange one) to-go, … Continue Reading

Berlin, from Black and White to Color. And Back

March 8th, Doha, Qatar, 4AM Sometimes I see only black and white and sometimes I see all the colors, but at the end of the day I don’t forget who I am. March 9th 2016, Berlin, Germany, late evening Arrived in my room having lots of windows on two of the walls. Drinking some champagne … Continue Reading