16 days. 5 countries. 66058 km. 85 hours and 40 minutes flying time. From Bali to Beirut to Ho Chi Min to Osaka to Kyoto to Perth. Back home in Doha in the desert where … it is raining. Life is so beautiful and full of surprises. Traveling is living, but don’t think it is easy. And yes, this is my job.

The full stories are coming once I’m back from Berlin.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Bali, Indonesia


Let me tell you about Beirut – my urban soul destination, Lebanon


Eating fried oysters with peanuts, shrimp by kilo, frog and other local delicacies in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam


Wearing a beautiful kimono on the lovely traditional streets of Kyoto, not far from Osaka, Japan


At Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth, Australia, visiting the koala bears (sleeping 20 hours out of 24) and the kangoroos – roo roo kan-go-rooo!