Bangkok – Vol. 4

Read about my other trips to Bangkok: Bangkok – The Urban Jungle / Bangkok Reloaded /  Life by the Edge in Bangkok   February 2nd 2016, Bangkok, Thailand  Around noon, at the 11th floor of the hotel I know so well by know. I am again in Bangkok, one of my top 3 destinations in the world, for … Continue Reading

Partying Hard in Patong

January 19th 2016, waking up at 5:55 PM, getting ready for a short holiday in Phuket. Having no two piece swimsuit, as I lost my only one in Seychelles. Living the fast life. The amazing, messy life. Living the life I always wanted, but never knew existed. Not sleeping all night, sleeping all day. Traveling … Continue Reading

Visiting Paradise

Intro It is 4 AM, I am packing for Phuket, Thailand and having wonderful alone moments. I find myself with a smile on my face. I feel so complete and content and fulfilled. While folding neatly my colorful clothes (I got rid of the black forever) I realize I haven’t bought any clothes since I … Continue Reading