November 12th 2015, Hong Kong

We pass by The W Hotel and the ICC building. By the Mandarin Oriental a yellow Porche drives past us fast. The taxi driver says the fare will add 100 dollars because of the polls and entrance to Lan Kwai Fong, but he seems fair.


The streets are curvy and also going uphill and downhill and it looks like a story scenery. Season’s Greetings everywhere at 30 degrees.

I just bought a new Canon and I don’t know how to use it. Aaa, so many options!

This is my last flight before holidays. And I got to live that moment when you are in Hong Kong and speak to your mom who is in Bucharest, travelling to Doha to wait for you so both can go to Buenos Aires via Sao Paolo ✈❤ What I did not know back then was that we would top up with Montevideo, Uruguay and Iguazu Falls on both the Argentine and Brazilian sides.

So, it’s just a party trip to Hong Kong. Besides, it’s quite rainy and foggy so no chance of seeing anything tomorrow from Victoria Peak. However, I hope I’m returning in February, so there’s time for everything.


Not much to say about a party night except that we all came back with our wallets, phones. In good condition. And that we enjoyed the night in the Lan Kwai Fong area, clubbing and also dancing on the streets. The area gets pretty crazy and nobody cares about you. We made friends in the streets with some other party people, got some more food and drinks from the streets, entered another club and stayed away from the 10 shots for 198 dollars offer. Check out this chart of best clubs in Hong Kong.


Going back the taxi driver wanted the money before, but I disagreed, I just gave half to be only fair for both. They say it’s common that customers don’t pay, so don’t be surprised if the ask the money ahead. Especially when you leave at 4 AM from Lan Kwai Fond. Haha.


Everyone’s sleeping in our taxi. Except the driver, thank God.



My roots are strong, but my wings are wide opened right now. I don’t see myself in Romania anymore, as in a vision of the future.


It’s our supervisor’s birthday and she left a little present for each of us on the door. Some people are so nice!


November 13th 2015

Last night in Hong Kong. Amazing vibe, dancing in the street, walking in the hot rain…

I order room service – maybe it happened 3 times – and I read in my pijamas about Hong Kong.



On the way from Hong Kong to Doha. He said: “You are kind. You will make a difference”. I know what he means, this man in his 60s, he must have felt it, the way I do small things through which I take all my soul out.