Autumn Melbourne Calm

April 18th, around 39.000 ft, flying over the Indian Ocean, right where it meets the Gibson Desert of Australia Earlier I saw the reflection of clouds in the ocean, the wide ocean. My view from here is like the one on Discovery Channel – red and blue blend in a canyon. It looks like small … Continue Reading

World Tour

16 days. 5 countries. 66058 km. 85 hours and 40 minutes flying time. From Bali to Beirut to Ho Chi Min to Osaka to Kyoto to Perth. Back home in Doha in the desert where … it is raining. Life is so beautiful and full of surprises. Traveling is living, but don’t think it is … Continue Reading

Cuddling koalas and roos in Perth, Australia

March 4th 2016, Perth, Australia We reached late afternoon the city, my very first Australia experience. The place seems quiet and peaceful, as I’ve heard about the country so many times before. Nobody seems to be too worried about something and the air itself is relaxed. The hotel is right across the Perth Arena, a … Continue Reading