Personal Thoughts Somewhere in Iran

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Looking at the locals, living in a restrictive regime where self-expression and the free propagation of ideas is not exactly what you would be inclined to do, I’m wondering how many live for a dream and what is that dream? Travelling through tens of countries from Bangladesh to Japan and … Continue Reading

Thoughts above Havana – 25 Years in a Nutshell

August 8th 2016, on a flight from Doha to Madrid Infinite. Infinite. End of cycle. Or not. Listening to Julio Iglesias – To all the girls I’ve loved before on the way to Madrid. Pampered in the best way by my colleagues, impressed by the little things someone can do for you when they care … Continue Reading

Miami, City of Vice

There’s a place in the heart of Manhattan, NYC where in the summer holiday in 2015 I loved to eat breakfast together with my mom. Sometimes sleepy, sometimes double size, but always in Spanish. There, on the Ave of the Americas, right where it ends in Central Park, very close to our amazing Central Park … Continue Reading

Sao Paolo – First Time in South America

October 15th 2015, Sao Paolo, Brazil In Sao Paolo, by the pool I listen to some Spanish speaking crew’s discussion about couple, love, family, fortification of the couple, distance relationships, psychologists… I am waiting for my friends L., a local, whom I met 10 years ago while we were both studying in US. At the … Continue Reading

Turbulențe neașteptate

În momentul în care citiți acest mesaj eu mă aflu în avion spre Oman, indicând pasagerilor ieșirile de urgență și cum să folosească măștile de oxigen în caz de decompresie. Povestea Sunt avocat. Din 2012, când am devenit cel mai tânăr avocat din România, la puțin peste 22 de ani, promovând un examen la care … Continue Reading