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Looking at the locals, living in a restrictive regime where self-expression and the free propagation of ideas is not exactly what you would be inclined to do, I’m wondering how many live for a dream and what is that dream?

Travelling through tens of countries from Bangladesh to Japan and Argentina to Kenya, seeing different cultures, political systems, schemes of thinking, beliefs, religions, behavior models, my personal dream is to get to the people’s core way of being and understanding them.

Judgment can only be stopped by knowing, by documenting, by understanding, by seeing and genuinely trying to put one in the shoes of the other. We live in a globalized world that is more racist and less understanding and tolerant to other beliefs, cultures and religions than ever.

Before judging someone or something try to understand where they’re coming from, how they think and what they have to say.

I wanted this trip for years and it must be 15 years since I’ve been in a group tour, an itinerary organized by somebody else. While this is the most common route in Iran, when I come back, I have to visit Tabriz and maybe Mashad.

Mashad is a holy city in the East of Iran where Imam Reza (or Ali al-Ridha), the 8th Imam of the Twelver Islam, a section of Shia Islam, was buried.

Globalization: A Basic Text

Closing my eyes, I can see where I am on the world map. So far, yet so close. What about my mission, my life? Where am I? We’re so good with practical aspects, yet with the less tangible we still seem to struggle. At least I do and I’m unceasingly searching, searching. Sometimes I feel like a dog scratching the ground in search of something he cannot see or feel, yet his senses tell him it’s there.

It’s second day and I wished I talked less and listened more. Does human interaction scare me? Does it make me look inside? Simply cannot sleep. Does a story that resembles mine make me sad? Does my competence make me too proud? Do I not take rejection, criticism?

Travel, just like love, is meant to change us. My motto is:

If love and travel did not change you, it means you did not love enough or traveled far enough.

Love, another force that makes the world spin.

I’m working on myself without even noticing, washing away pain, learning to deal with my thoughts, at the border between acceptance and understanding. Between these two doors I walk back and forth.

It’s a long way, a long process. It means dedication to myself and meanwhile I’m trying to observe where selfishness ends and giving begins.

Personal Revolution: How to Be Happy, Change Your Life, and Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do

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August 8th 2016, on a flight from Doha to Madrid

Infinite. Infinite. End of cycle. Or not.

Listening to Julio Iglesias – To all the girls I’ve loved before on the way to Madrid.

Pampered in the best way by my colleagues, impressed by the little things someone can do for you when they care and want, making you the most special person in the world.

Thinking of La Lupe – Teatro song I listened at Vizcaya in Miami.

Thinking of him, of weakness I hide so well and the pain and baggage I come with from the past. Of stiffness, of lack of communication, of extreme care in a relationship for the other. These don’t really seem to match up, right?

So many times I’ve said people love their unhappiness and never thought of it from a different angle.

That people are Afraid of Happiness. Afraid with capital letter of happiness with capital letter.

As I write this I think about me walking with T. in Montreal, soaking up the sun and chasing nothing. Wanting nothing, expecting nothing, just sharing a passing friendship. Would it be possible to be as detached in our daily life and just enjoy it more? Let go of grief.

Oh, expectations. Did they ruin me?

Unattachment – Microsoft Word does not even recognize this word. Have I understood it too late? Have I not understood it? Love without expectations – can I do that?

Instinct is my angel. Or angels carry my instinct.

11s. I’m again in the 11 phase. 17:14 on someone’s watch showing 17 on top and 14 underbeath. 11 and 11. Gate A11. The most genuine in-flight treatment in my life.

Where are my lessons? Where is my control. What happened? Have I stopped believing?

Caruso playing. I have been listening to it obsessively for a while.

Album no. 56 33.

One of Monet’s 17 waterlillies on a screen on the right. The painting in MoMa, where we were together exactly one year ago. Life is amazing. Life is good and kind, it just depends which side you choose to see.

My mind cannot stop running.

My way in Spanish by Julio. Damn it, this is how I want to live. Free. Yet, although I said I cut and threw my chains, I either got them back or created other ones. Or am I just a fool and never gave them up, but covered them with strong wings and managed to fly against gravity?

Currently fighting…


Later that day

The clouds flying underneath us.

Hey…by Julio Iglesias: Hey! Tu que sabes de amor…?

Love is not what it seems. Life is not what it is. I’m thinking as I’m looking at my right wrist as I pull my eyebrows gently. I would like to zoom in and zoom out on feelings, reactions, patterns like I do with my camera lens.


August 10th 2016, Madrid, Spain, one day before I turn 26

Finally in the AirEuropa aircraft flying to Cuba. To celebrate my birthday after midnight! ❤

On Telva magazine, on a black and white page showing the face of a woman, right under her eyes, I write 25 things I’ve done 11 August 2015-11 August 2016. More exactly during the past 25 years.

And pushback…

Dreaming of cigars, rum, Old Havana, the amazing rooftop with view to El Capitolio where we’re going to stay, the beaches in Coco Cayo where Hemingway would find his inspiration. God, let me find mine.









There’s a place in the heart of Manhattan, NYC where in the summer holiday in 2015 I loved to eat breakfast together with my mom. Sometimes sleepy, sometimes double size, but always in Spanish.

There, on the Ave of the Americas, right where it ends in Central Park, very close to our amazing Central Park view hotel – next door to the famous Home Alone featured The Plaza, at Angela’s I realized that if you want to practice your Spanish, like I want to do, you don’t go to a Spanish speaking country, but to US.

Well, even knowing this, Miami gets things to a totally different level. Spanish is Miami and Miami is Spanish. No hablas espanol, adios!


 I was going up and down the city and everyone, from the taxi drivers to people I randomly met just started speaking Spanish to me without knowing if I speak or not. Everything is written in Spanish and Cubans are everywhere.

My spirit so close to Central and South America, so explosive, so impulsive, so hot and blood burning although I tamed myself.

At Villa Vizcaya, in the refined luxury of this Miami old villa, I heard La Lupe. The tragedy in her voice and the passion of the sound made me take notes of the words and ever since I’m listening continuously to “This is my life” and “Teatro” – the song I heard first – and also to some biographies of her life with all the exile in US after Fidel Castro’s 1959 gaining of power, the alcohol, the drugs…

Oh, the drugs…Miami, the City of Vice. Drugs made Miami and everyone does drugs. It’s a nice place to be, but this shadows my impression of the city. Simple as that, life is so beautiful, don’t do drugs.


May 22nd 2016, Miami, Florida – Sunshine State, US

My relationship with US is a very special one. From leaving for one year when I barely turned 15 to live and absorb the American culture in 2005 in Amboy, Illinois, next to Chicago, to attending the most prestigious summer schools at Georgetown University and University of Illinois – on scholarship – to returning for the summer of my life in Lake Placid, New York, to summer holiday with mom in NYC.

So, it’s sun set time and I’m in my high up room with an amazing view to the Biscayne Bay sunset colors to the left and Downtown skyline to the right.

It’s Saturday night in Miami!


I’m meeting with B., whom I met in Lake Placid, in the summer of 2009. She’s already here for good 4 years and while walking on Lincoln Road it seemed she know someone at each fancy place.

We meet at Espanola Way and walked down to see the cute restaurants and then walked on Lincoln Road. We’re catching up since the last time we saw each other, at the end of 2009 when she walked me to the bus station from Lake Placid to go to NYC to catch the flight to Romania via Zurich.

That was the seed of what I am today. I realized I loved airplanes, although I had been on planes since I was less than 10 and at the time it was a big deal as Romania had just opened up. Oh well, I wrote many things by hand on the flight from NY to Zurich and that was the seed of my blog.

Oh, the moon tonight it impressive and almost full, round and pretty. I love the moon and I’m sure she’s wise.

I like Romeo Britto Art Gallery – Pop Art – and admire some Art Deco buildings.

However, the lifestyle is what reigns here. Superficial life, superficial relationships, party, booze, drugs, unhealthy environment, one night stands only, people using people, lack of trust, drugs, flashy lifestyle, drugs.


She stops to buy cigarettes and I buy a 1 liter Corona that I drink while walking the streets of Miami in my short fluorescent green short dress and geisha print purse. I tell B. that for either of these – what I’m wearing OR what I’m drinking – I would be arrested in Doha.

Realized how much I’ve changed, where I am now. I mean, I’m looking for some free time to buy an abaya and I’m thinking about covering my head one day. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people on this Earth who know I’m not – by far – some saint. I’ve done mainly everything and I wanted to see how it is in each pose of life. I went running to the most dangerous situations, places and especially people. I played people and I’ve been played. I lost and I won. Sometimes I thought I lost, but I won and the other way. Actually, I lived this artificial life for 10 years and maybe some would say I live it more than before because, if I think about it, yesterday I was sleeping in the desert and now I’m in Miami Beach and tomorrow I’ll be in Doha, an then in Jakarta and then in Seoul. In one week, I mean…

A drag queen show, Versace House. B. and I try to get in pretending to go to the bar, but it’s a private event night. The place looks amazing, it’s the place where Gianni Versace was killed.

We sit down at one of the places and B. knows – of course – the manager. She’s so glamorous and I love it. Pretty, too.


Here, I get to drink my dream drink – that huge bowl with two Coronas. V., B.’s friend says – oh, you want to get wasted. I guess, I am already form tiredness – after all I came from a 16 hour flight that you know, it means 3 hours plus of meetings and preparation and 2 hours plus of checks and going to the hotel, and then getting changed and going out – and also from the 3 Coronas + (the 1 liter bottle actually).

I love how happy this drink makes me, of drinking it in Miami. It’s just a drink, but it’s an experience, something I’ve wanted to try. Everyone is looking at the drink and it’s freaking huge.


May 23rd 2016, Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida – Sunshine State, USA


I wake up to see the sunshine and I do, from my bed, which is positioned perfectly. I just open my eyes and I see it. Back to sleep now.


I take on more view of the Bay from the 29th floor and head to Wynwood, the art district of Miami, home of around 70 art galleries, cafes, antiques and vintage shops and other alike that I love.

The greatest attraction is the painted walls, art everywhere, graffiti, messages on the pavement, a treasure to discover.


It’s Saturday early morning and I have the place for myself. I’m wearing gold sandals, a red skirt from NY and a blue sky polo T-shirt with a splashed paint in different colors print. I love to wear according to the place I’m at. One rose in a Heineken bottle. Some divine messages, a lady stopping to take pictures from her yellow WW Beatle and one guy sitting at an empty and closed café, resting his legs on a huge purple suitcase, telling me to go down that street for a great mural.

When I reached, Joe Cocker sang “Up where we belong”.

I realize that when you see art in everything around you, then you are truly happy. Happy with little.

This job of mine is great, but I know it’s more than that. I can move and experiment. I would not be here – in Miami – otherwise. I would not be anywhere.

I remember Paradise says on one huge corner building. And I think I do, but what the hell, I have to live here on Earth.

Cool Nespresso store here in Wynwood. I walk back to the hotel and realize it’s close. Taxi costs, after my calculations, like this: $1 per minute. 10 min ride $10.

Concierge advices me to take the Miami Trolley. What is that, well, it’s a sort of old colorful wagon train, that is for free for everyone and it’s quite convenient. I want to go to Villa Vizcaya and I take the trolley from the hotel. Here Seal’s If you don’t know me by now plays and one African American sings along. Everyone is cool.


The driver speaks with me in Spanish and he helps everyone. Comes back saying – This girl from Istanbul is looking for art. Coming from the mother of art she’s looking for it here. He tells me how to take the next trolley. I don’t know where I am, riding this trolley in Miami. Life is good. Sunday Farmers Market. I love the huge art faces at the Viceroy Hotel &Spa.

In my travels, which are often short, I try to maximize my experience and take the fastest route. However, how much I love to take local buses and “waste” time. Look at the locals, absorb their habits and how they talk, what they talk about.

Finally at Vizcaya ($18), a great place to be. What did I like most? The room vintage divider painted with ships and pal leaves, the interior garden, the cardinal points indicator clock on the interior patio wall, the arcades and glass. The breakfast room – overlooking the gardens on one side and the interior patio on the other side.

And discovering La Lupe. Some LV old style suitcases. The huge Iguana just walking around the gardens. The gardens. The orchids the owner so much adored, the marble bathtub with four claws each decorative legs, the lion shaped fireplace protection all brought form the owner’s extensive travels. My Arizona Tea huge can matching my purse.  IMG_1786

Back to the city I stop at the Bayside, walk around the restaurants and cafes, mojito places, see Banyan trees – of which I learned in Cambodia that they are offering shelter to restless souls, admire a Brazilian live representation, pass by the Port of Miami, in Bayside Hooter’s there’s an announcement “Remain seated while room is on motion“, the boats and the bridge to South Beach. Downtown Miami in a hot, humid Sunday afternoon.

At Freedom Tower, I go through a free exhibition on the history of the Cuban flee to US, emotional stories of young boys becoming men overnight, of a new society reunited abroad. The Tower was a Cuban Assistance Center.

Wherever you go, check the free stuff. I’m a big spender and I will spend limitless for traveling and experiencing thrills, but sometimes there’s some free admission places that are so cool. Like the trolley and this museum, here in Miami.

Next stop, the American Airlines Arena, where they announce the future shows – Adele, Ellie etc.

Walking back home – the hotel – I pass by this museum avenue, One Thousand Museum – still not finished, with a huge panel about Zaha Hadid – Her legacy continues, Perez Art Museum, Museum of Art and Design etc.

Scallops in Biscayne Bay, barefoot, looking at the ships, at the water, ready to fly back to The Middle East, my real home.




October 15th 2015, Sao Paolo, Brazil

In Sao Paolo, by the pool I listen to some Spanish speaking crew’s discussion about couple, love, family, fortification of the couple, distance relationships, psychologists…

I am waiting for my friends L., a local, whom I met 10 years ago while we were both studying in US. At the time we even went in a New York trip together and of the group we used to hang out together the most. Finding each other on the internet after a decade and myself being in the situation to get a Sao Paolo flight right the month after makes an interesting story.

He picks me up from the hotel where I’m staying in Guarulhos and while I’m changing my uniform I’m trying some Guarana, a delicious local soft drink.


During the long drive to the city we have plenty of time to catch up, recollect memories and I listen his broad knowledge of Brazilian and generally South American history. It’s really a pleasure to spend time with someone like this. We talk about the struggles of the country and the similarities with Romania. Well Latins normally get along well especially when they have the same passions – travel and history.


We are in the city and L. tells me Sao Paolo is a melting pot of Italian, Japanese, Syrian and Lebanese. The street art is at home here and the city is called the capital of street art. There is graffiti everywhere and the street style is beautiful. The streets of Sao Paolo speak stories of poverty, homeless, street life.


L. is a doctor and we go to see his work place, a beautiful historical hospital, with a small church in the interior yard. He says it used to be a 24hour hospital until last month, but due to fund cuts, it became day time only. The story of all medical systems and this is how we’re playing with the lives of human beings.

We are making jokes about the female president and the recent corruption scandal.

I am tired after a 16 hours flight, but the excitement of a new place and good destination keeps me awake. Then, we drive to Edificio Italia, the third tallest building in Brazil, where there is an observation deck and a restaurant. The view is very glitzy and colorful at night and it’s my kind of place.


Here we are, on the Avenida Paulista, one of the busiest in Sao Paolo, home of financial and cultural institutions and press trusts, but also of bars and restaurants.


Walking down the Paulista Avenue it is impossible to miss the street art, which seem to be everywhere, but of course I want to stop in the bookshop I see – Livraria Martins Fontes. I choose two Henry Kissinger “Ordem mundial”, in Portugese.


Probably the most impressive building on the central street is the Gazeta Building, looking like a smaller Eiffel Tower, all lighted up at night, but the Santa Catarina Hospital or the Edificio Paulista 500 catch visitors’ attention.


We walk a little more in the heat of the night and then stop for a local steak and a Chopp for him and a glass of wine for me.


October 16th 2015, 7 AM, Sao Paolo

There’s a new pattern of thought in me and I’m growing every day. I read extensively and I’m not having an easy time, not at all, but I want to heal. Probably it’s normal that other things came out along with this great opening.

My writing shifted from travel to personal growth and evolution. In fact, I said from the beginning that this was not a travel blog. Yet, to protect some people, the posts are censored.

I’m at the pool reading of the book I just bought yesterday night from the Paulista Avenue book shop and I’m thinking how lucky I am. Soon I’m off to Buenos Aires, but we should get back by midnight. By the pool only pilots and flight attendants – Turkish Airlines, us and some South American airlines. One captain advices me for my upcoming Buenos Aires holiday and I barely leave the poolside to go for flight.

After around 12 hours we’re back and we order some drinks in the room of one of my colleague and speak about relationships and the ways of people. It’s almost 5 AM and at this time my friend L. is still on night duty. It always fascinated me what different people are doing at the same time. Where was one while the other was going through grief, through greatest success, through rough times or sickness or fame.



October 17th 2015, 11:32 by the pool in Sao Paolo, Brazil

To be able to start from 0, that’s what I want. Here I write a draft of the presentation of my future book: “A book written on the way to major cities of the world, while discovering the beauty of life and of the world through the eyes of a lawyer who decided there is more to life than work and became flight attendant.”

My thoughts are as the wing beats of an agonizing butterfly.

L. is back to Guarulhos and while I look at the city by day he says: “In Brazil there’s always a street of something”. Now we’re on the street of motorcycles, there’s one of electronics, one of weddings.

While we are driving on the narrow streets of Sao Paolo I see an interesting way of street advertising: while the traffic light is red, two men carry a banner and hold it in front of the line of cars.


I hear there is a bigger community of Lebanese people than the population of Lebanon itself and that they roam around the March 25th Street (Rua 25 de Marco), where the first store was opened by a Lebanese national.

The cars of the city are mainly Chevrolets and Peugeots. A visit in Brazil makes you want to exercise, they all seem to have perfect bodies.

To talk about Brazil and its history without mentioning the Tupis and the Guarani is almost impossible, as they were the indigenous people when the Portuguese reached the Brazilian shores. With a similar history as the Native Americans in North America, they have left an overwhelming influence on the language, names and culture of Brazil. Pedro Alvaris Cabral is considered to be the first to arrive in Brazil sometime around 1500.

The city architecture, street names and attractions of Sao Paolo are strongly influenced by the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932/Paulista War/1932 Civil War. The Obelisk of Sao Paolo, symbol of the revolution is one of the most important attractions reminding of the Revolution.

Ibirapuera Park is one of the most extensive and beautiful parks I’ve seen and many world cities and capitals would die to have such a green pearl downtown. It is one of the biggest parks in South America and it is often compared with Central Park in New York. It has gymnasiums and museums, lakes and stores, sculptures, bridges and exotic plants.

My favorite is the Monument of Bandeiras, outside the entrance no. 9 to the park. It is impressive in representation and dimension, right across the Legislative Assembly of Sao Paolo.


It’s almost dusk and we are at the most famous intersection in Sao Paolo, Sao Joao and Ipiranga, where there is a famous samba bar, Bar Brahma – Esquina da MPB. MPB – Musica Popular Brasileira. The place looks different than the bars I’ve been too and the band has not yet started singing so it seems a little strange that all these people stand to drink beer or just walk around the place.

Yet, once the band Naninha E Banda started singing, a whole show was put together, everyone standing and dancing, drinking, singing along. All the sons are sung in samba rhythm and they sound lively and are so danceable. Once you are at your table the waiter gives you a piece of paper with 32 squares. What do they mean? Every time you drink a beer they tick one box. I guess this is a heavy drinking place…but I have a 16 hours flight back to Doha tomorrow so, we’re off on the highway.

Sao Paolo is not my kind of city, but I’d love to go back and explore more.


October 19th 2015, almost midnight, arriving from Sao Paolo

My life happens in entangled sections, like the sections of a book or like a movie in scenes from different time intervals. Coming back to Anna Karenina on my night stand, looking in the mirror at my tan from Sao Paolo on top of the one in Zanzibar, my new furniture display of the place I call home in Doha, my heart shattered into pieces in all the places I’m going to.

The travels, the readings, the struggles, the evolution, the happy times followed by higher struggles and evolution again is what represents me.

This month finds me more obsessed than ever with energies, frequencies, numbers and what they mean – numerology, divine signs, him, the sacred union, my mission in life, stages of twin flame love.

I might be evolving or might be going crazy – there’s no in between.




În momentul în care citiți acest mesaj eu mă aflu în avion spre Oman, indicând pasagerilor ieșirile de urgență și cum să folosească măștile de oxigen în caz de decompresie.


Sunt avocat. Din 2012, când am devenit cel mai tânăr avocat din România, la puțin peste 22 de ani, promovând un examen la care rata de succes este sub 10%. Am lucrat într-o casă de avocatură de top aproape 5 ani. Începând cu anul II de drept am fost, în ordine, intern, paralegal, avocat stagiar și avocat definitiv. Și unii oameni avizați spun că am făcut treabă bună.


În ultimii doi ani am lucrat ca avocat cu tot ce implică profesia (reprezentare în instanță, redactare de documente nesfârșite, studiu continuu, deadline-uri sfâșâietoare, multă cafea), am absolvit un masterat în limba engleză (la care am fost admisă prima), cursuri postuniversitare, precum și Institutul Național de Pregătire și Perfecționare a Avocaților (studii obligatorii pentru avocați stagiari, pe o perioadă de doi ani). Am publicat articole în reviste de specialitate și din când în când am participat în calitate de speaker la conferințe de drept. Am participat la cele mai importante specializări și concursuri din Europa în domeniul dreptului privat. Pe scurt, am fost implicată 100% în evoluția profesională, iar în acești 5 ani inclusiv concediu l-am folosit pentru examene, cursuri, specializări, teze și am bifat succes după succes. Nu, nu sunt modestă și nici nu am de ce să fiu pentru că totul a implicat studiu continuu și muncă multă, iar totul a venit la pachet cu un preț și cu sacrificii.

Ideea principală

În decembrie am promovat examenul de definitivare în profesia de avocat, din nou fiind cea mai tânără din țară. Cu două zile înainte de examen, însă, mă prezentam (cu legislația profesiei de avocat – cu copertele acoperite, să nu vadă nimeni ce citesc – la pachet pentru că mi s-a zis că o sa dureze mult) la interviu pentru a deveni stewardesă. După interviul final în timpul căruia am povestit despre țările în care am studiat, lucrat, călătorit și locuit, intervievatorii mi-au spus că, pe langă profesia mea, deja sunt stewardesă.

Apoi lucrurile au decurs foarte repede și oarecum firesc. Am luat interviul în ziua următoare. Am devenit avocat definitiv 2 zile mai târziu ca urmare a promovării examenului, am continuat rutina fiecărei zi la birou, iar după două luni m-am trezit în căsuța poștală cu un bilet de avion către nou – de la oraș/țară/continent, domeniu de activitate, religie oficială la limbă, tradiții, obiceiuri, mentalitate.  Doar dus. Am împachetat totul (o viață de om împărțită între 2 orașe), mi-am dat demisia și mi-am luat rămas bun de la tot ceea ce era cunoscut, în mai puțin de 4 zile, pentru a mă îmbarca spre (splendidul) necunoscut.

În ultimele două luni am efectuat cursuri de formare ca însoțitor de bord la unul dintre cele mai performate centre de instruire din lume. Am învățat despre tipuri de avioane, noțiuni de siguranță, acțiuni în caz incendiu, bomba la bord, evacuare pe apă și sol, prim ajutor, modalități de soluționare a disputelor, ospitalitate, tipuri de vinuri și cum să oferi un serviciu la standarde înalte, atât la propriu, cât și la figurat. În plus, am învățat cum să aplic machiajul corect, nuanțele care mă favorizează, cum să obțin cocul perfect care rezistă, cam tot ce și-ar dori o femeie. Am funcționat 6 zile pe săptămână, uneori începând cu de la 3 sau 4 AM într-o grupă de fete deosebite din 12 țări.


Astăzi încep călătoria vieții mele, un drum al autocunoașterii și autoeducației. Pornesc în căutarea unei nevoi spirituale/interioare în detrimentul uneia materiale. Voi căuta legi nescrise, mai degraba ca cele scrise – ca până acum. Cunosc zeci de legi și valize de cărți de drept, dar nu am niște răspunsuri simple. Vreau să aflu despre mine, despre viață.

Am ieșit din zona mea de confort pentru a mă muta într-o țară în care nu am mai fost vreodată, cu o cultură de care aparțin, dar care îmi este totuși străină, în care nu cunosc pe nimeni și unde am adus cu mine 3 lucruri într-o valiză. Plină de entuziasm și de fericire!

Am urât zona de confort de când mă știu și am schimbat mediul mereu, pentru că doar așa dădeam randament maxim. Am venit fără să știu unde, să caut, fără să știu ce. Aveam tot ceea ce și-ar putea dori cineva, dar caut mai mult. Nu mai mulți bani, mai multă recunoaștere sau mai multe blănuri. Mai mult decât doar … confort psihic, mai mult decât previzibilul dureroasei rutine. O axa proprie.

Eu văd lucrurile simplu: trăiam într-o inadecvare în timp și spațiu pe care am venit s-o corectez.

A fost un început grozav. Am dovedit lumii întregi și mie că pot realiza orice îmi propun. Prea tangibil pentru gustul meu. Voiam să mă înscriu la a doua facultate, dar am plecat la o facultate mult mai folositoare.

Concluzia: “Viața obișnuită nu mă interesează. Anais Nin

Da, sunt unul dintre cei mai calificați avocați din generația tânără și am luat o pauză ca să devin stewardesă și să calătoresc în jurul lumii. Este o decizie asumată complet, o decizie de care sunt foarte mândră. CV-ul meu îmi permite să iau o pauză de ani buni și să fac înconjorul lumii fără a-mi afecta parcursul personal.

Nu mă aștept ca toata lumea să privească cu ochi buni decizia mea și faptul că eu mă simt împlinită îmi dă luxul de a nu avea nevoie de aprobarea nimănui. Lucrurile se așează pentru fiecare așa cum trebuie, când trebuie.

Într-un interviu pe care l-am acordat cu privire la activitatea mea profesională anul trecut am fost întrebată, pe lângă aspectele profesionale, și despre pasiunile mele. Am răspuns:


Îmi place să călătoresc, să descopăr culturi și peisaje noi în destinații îndepărtate sau să mă plimb prin colțuri fermecătoare de București, să merg la concerte de muzică clasică la Ateneu sau la Sala Radio, să mă pierd prin târguri vintage, să citesc, să merg la restaurante bune sau să ronțăi ceva în centrul vechi al Bucureștiului și să mă uit la spectacolul străzii, să colind muzeele lumii. Am păstrat pasiunea pentru hărți și geografie de când am fost la olimpiada națională. Pasiunile mele se exprimă în mai multe culturi, limbi și meridiane.”


Deci, din acest punct de vedere, nimic surprinzător în decizia mea. Viața e plină de “turbulențe neașteptate”, nu?

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