October 26th, 2015, Kigali, Rwanda

I had requested this Kigali, Rwanda via Entebbe, Uganda flight. Me and the supervisor, for different reasons – me to see the world, her to work less.

Everybody I tell where I’m going warn me about how dangerous this place is.


Reality: Kigali is very safe and the cleanest place I have ever seen. Unbelievable, but it is clean and litter free in any corner that you see. Every now and there in the area of our hotel there are militia with shotguns, but this only makes me feel safer. Anywhere around the world where I see it, unlike the rest of the people.

Locals look at my Thai friend and I, but not intrusively.

I’m flying with the same captain I flew my very first solo flight to Dar Es Salaam, one of the friendly pilots.

Dinner was at Afrika Bite, a nice restaurant in the garden of a house where we felt as in someone’s house. They have a buffet with fresh food and a view of the city from uphill.

We had African local food: some banana stew, beef stew, fried rice, some vegetables food, tasty and interesting.

Not much to say about a city established a little over 100 years ago, former French, then Belgian colony, but for the record it was a surprising and pleasant experience.



October 27th, Kigali, Rwanda

The thing about me and my blog is that I don’t want to be what people would like me to be and I don’t write what people want to read.

I write what I feel, sometimes with a too accentuated honesty…to myself.

My writings do not try to fool me or the people who read.

Thought of the day – love is letting go, understanding and support. Being happy for the other’s successes and happiness.