International Flying

Today I received my Allianz Worldwide Insurance Card. My name – Cabin Crew Flying, International Insurance, meaning it has coverage in all countries of the world.

A Day At The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha

February 27th 2015, Doha, Qatar It is our only day off per week during the training. In Arab countries weekend is Friday and Saturday, Friday being the Holy Day of Islam. I just had a coffee and a chat with my home country girls and I am preparing to go to the Museum of Islamic … Continue Reading

New Life

February 24th 2015 This was the third day of the initial training and the last day of “honeymoon” of the flight attendants. A few impressions so far. But let’s recap: so, I am a fully qualified attorney at law quitting her position at an international law firm to move to the Middle East in order … Continue Reading

Wajda, a Movie on Being A Girl In Saudi Arabia

January 31st 2015, Bucharest, Romania This weekend was magical in many ways. It started with a double session and some tears at the memories of my childhood at my psychologist and it evolved into an introspection of my whole life, remembrances, thoughts, furry, loneliness. I prayed a little and read a lot from all the … Continue Reading

From Pleading Lawyer to Flight Attendant

Why do I do this change? Sometimes I am asking myself, too. Maybe for you it seems unimaginable. Because I am at a dead end. I have done everything. From a desk or office. Otherwise I would have been working on a Ph.D (in Florence), boring and unhappy. Pretty predictable, no? Running from a 70 … Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolution

“As I am what I was, I will be what I am.” Nechifor Crainic “Cum sunt ce-am fost, voi fi ce sunt.” Nechifor Crainic

Be Careful What You Wish For…

December 22nd 2014, Targu-Mures, Transylvania, Romania Flipping the pages of Harper’s Bazaar , I remember my fascination for fashion, for glossy magazines, for the feeling of being in a moment anywhere around the world in Louboutin heels, with monogram Louis Vuitton bag and other things that I came to realize do not matter. I run … Continue Reading