Thoughts above Havana – 25 Years in a Nutshell

August 8th 2016, on a flight from Doha to Madrid Infinite. Infinite. End of cycle. Or not. Listening to Julio Iglesias – To all the girls I’ve loved before on the way to Madrid. Pampered in the best way by my colleagues, impressed by the little things someone can do for you when they care … Continue Reading

June in Barcelona

Read about my very first trip to Barcelona and about a mysterious story.   June 6th 2016, Doha, Qatar, at the airport I came from bay 101 with flight 220 (Bucharest) only to go to Barcelona (flight 137) and come back with flight 146. All 11s. It’s Ramadan already, new month of June. My friend … Continue Reading

Midnight Thoughts in Jakarta

  Read here about my other trips to Jakarta: Spirituality and Nightlife in Jakarta / About Destiny in Jakarta April 23rd 2016, almost midnight, somewhere in Jakarta, Indonesia at 15th floor With God’s will we’ve landed in Jakarta. Why with God’s will? Because without it there would be nothing. Indonesian people are so nice – they remind me of … Continue Reading

Spirituality and Nightlife in Jakarta

Read here about my other trips to Jakarta: About Destiny in Jakarta / Midnight Thoughts in Jakarta   January 4th 2016, Jakarta There’s something about this year. Maybe the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Misunderstanding, delay, out of ordinary small things. I’m agitated and impatient, almost like last year or worse. Maybe I need to start yoga and meditation, but I’m like … Continue Reading

About Destiny in Jakarta

Read here about my other trips to Jakarta: Spirituality and Nightlife in Jakarta / Midnight Thoughts in Jakarta   About Destiny This is how I am of no help to the ones who ask me about the interview for my company, the life here, the usual process. I just tell them it’s all about destiny and almost 1 year … Continue Reading

About Destiny

October 14th 2015, somewhere around the world I think I might go crazy. Every line I read, every song I listen to, every part of movie I see I perceive as a message. A divine message. I started watching The Clone again, the famous Brazilian soap opera which I was watching in 2003. The year … Continue Reading

Late Published New Year’s Resolution – Mostly Checked

May 22nd 2015 I wrote this text at the very end of last year, when everybody was getting ready for the “new year, new me” plans. Not myself. I was not so profound, but yet I had some plans… I am taking a risk as I did so many times before and 2 or 3 times … Continue Reading