Late Published New Year’s Resolution – Mostly Checked

May 22nd 2015 I wrote this text at the very end of last year, when everybody was getting ready for the “new year, new me” plans. Not myself. I was not so profound, but yet I had some plans… I am taking a risk as I did so many times before and 2 or 3 times … Continue Reading

Unexpected Turbulence

April 27th 2015, Doha, Qatar       As you are reading this message I am in a plane to Oman, indicating the passengers the emergency exits and how to use the oxygen masks in case of decompression. The Story I am a lawyer. Since 2012, when I became the youngest lawyer in Romania, at … Continue Reading

Doha Nights

March 24th 2015 Nights in Doha are enjoyable, in company of newly made friends from around the world, having lavish dinners in wonderfully oriental decorated restaurants, on rooftops between lamps, exotic plants and shishas. With huge platters of lamb, rice, hoummus and tabuleh, fresh fruit juices from mangos and pomegranate, with tasty desserts. In the … Continue Reading

My Most Precious Jewel

March 23th 2015, Doha, Qatar Module reminds me the most precious jewel I have is my brain. Eyes remind me the most precious scent I have is my wit. Envy reminds me how good I am. Being nice at all times reminds me how I was brought up. Rejection of fake-ness in any shape reminds me … Continue Reading

I Dreamed Of …

Two quotes kept my attention: “We run away from our dreams afraid we might fail or maybe afraid we will succeed.” (Finding Forrester, a movie I saw right after the interview) “I’ve never been here yet I feel I’ve returned. I am at peace.” (I Dreamed of Africa, a movie I connect to in a special … Continue Reading

First Month

March 19th 2015, Doha, Qatar It is unbelievable how life can change from a moment to another. Exactly one month ago I was watching the lights from an airplane, while descending in the desert. I had received a call a few days before, I declined the offer, hang up. Then I thought: isn’t this what … Continue Reading

Melancholy. Mixed feelings.

March 8th 2015, Doha, Qatar Time files so fast. I am already in the third training week. So far so good. 100% at all tests. I pick up things rapidly and I enjoy playing around. I am certain now that this is the place where I have to be. Which means I am here with … Continue Reading