Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching  Live the life you Deserve
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching Live the life you Deserve

Would you like a year for yourself?

Do you want to travel the world? Or maybe take those origami courses? Meditate in the mountains? Swim with the dolphins?

Do you not know where to start and not sure how to organize this?

Let me help you!

My story…

Last year happened what I had been waiting for 10 years the past. A sabbatical. It’s that year when you don’t study or get a job. It’s that year when you do exactly what you heart desires in order to discover your core self and take your life to a higher level and towards its divine purpose. Is that year that we all need and probably long for.

In my case I wished it happened right after I graduated high school but at that time nobody around me had had a gap year or year off or a sabbatical.

Things happen very fast in my life. I went to school when I was 6, I left home and moved to United States when I was barely 15, graduated high school at 17, became the youngest Attorney at Law in my country at 22.

By the time I was 24 I had almost 5 years’ experience in a law firm, had graduated four year Law School, two year Lawyers’ National Institute, a Masters in Law taught in English where I was admitted with maximum grade, I had studied quite a few languages, had leading position volunteer non-profit organizations.

By now you probably know I quit Law in order to become a flight attendant and then, by age 27, I had also traveled to more than 80 countries.

Something was missing paragraph you guessed it right: I was not happy.

So, I went against commonsense, most common advice, the opinions of the ones around me and the society, I quit the second amazing position in my life, which was generating a great income, travels around the world, tons of benefits and a very jet set  lifestyle around the world.

I knew that I did not want to go back to Law even though over the time I’ve had offers. There was no way I was going to go back to an office job.

This was where the journey and the challenge of a sabbatical year begun…

A Year for Your Soul

Does my story appeal to you? Let me help you organize your gap year, sabbatical or year off, however you want to call it. We can plan the perfect timing, discuss the financial aspects, options of activities from volunteering in exotic places (I taught English in Bali) to finding the best courses on your areas of interest.

Most importantly, I can assist you with being strong enough in dealing with the general perception of such an initiative. The general perception of such an idea that you “don’t do anything”, “don’t want to work”, “you waste your time” or “you’re not making money” and these thought can get to you without proper support, especially when the very dear ones do not support you 100%. It’s worse when they seem they do, but you know they don’t and they have expectations…

Probably this is how you reached this point. By wanting so much to fulfill those career success expectations of the family and high performance on deadline 24/7 expectations from the co-workers.

You deserve to do what you want, put your thoughts in order and maybe use the opportunity to find a new passion and transform it into a successful business. One with soul and you signature.

I can help!

I have been through it and got it all figured for you.

Let me know when you want to start by using the contact form below.