You can choose this service if you cannot get on the phone or video and you want to discuss within maximum 24 hours:

  • a burning question or;
  • you want a short Numerology outline;
  • you are interested in a question Astrology can answer;
  • you want a short Tarot reading;
  • you are interested in Angel messages regarding a particular issue;
  • you are interested in Positive Affirmations;
  • you want your personalized set of Positive Affirmations regarding a particular aspect;
  • you are interested in spiritual aspects you don’t understand;
  • you are interested in femininity enhancing rituals;
  • you need to talk to someone.

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All discussions, the fact that you are a client and your personal information are 100% confidential.

Session can be held worldwide via Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any similar platform.

For any questions I have not answered here or inquiries do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].