Karmic Astrology will reveal:

  • If you have an aggression karma;
  • If you have a possessive attachment karma;
  • If you have ignorance karma;
  • Possible places where you have incarnated before;
  • Your karmic configuration;
  • Aspects between the karmic planets and the individual planets and what does it mean practically for you;
  • What aspects you come with from previous lifetimes;
  • What is you karmic baggage to work on.

I recommend you take this session after you have done at least one simple Astrology Session or Numerology Session. The messages Karmic Astrology brings up are pretty intense and I want you to be ready for them.

This is a very intense session and some of my clients described it as the source of finally understanding aspects of their life, while others found keys on how to act to improve their life at times of changing careers, relocating or both.

All I need for your combined Astrology and Numerology charts interpretation is:

  • Your full name at birth – and any name changes,
  • Your birthday – day, month, year,
  • The approximate time of your birth,
  • The place of birth.

All discussions, the fact that you are a client and your personal information are 100% confidential.

Session can be held worldwide online via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, either video or voice only. Should you be in Bucharest we can arrange meet in person for the sessions. Read more about Astrology.

For any questions I have not answered here or inquiries do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].