Abyaneh, 2500 Years of History and a Population of 301

Abyaneh is a village looking like a living museum, preserving culture and history. It is located one hour away from Kashan in the Southern direction. At an elevation of 2200 meters it concentrates a history of 2500 years and has a population of 301 people only.   Abyaneh has its own dialect, traditional ceremonies and … Continue Reading

Kashan, a Gem of Central Iran

In Kashan we are going to visit the Agha Bozorg Mosque was impressive and I’m so proud of all the knowledge I have. At the same time, it is a pity people don’t get the right information, but probably you only get access to what you’re ready to process. The mosque is the place where … Continue Reading

The Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashaan – Photo Gallery

The Agha Bozorg Mosque is a beautiful and very popular with tourists mosque in Kashaan. It is the place where Ustad Ali Maryam started his career as an architect when he was a pupil. He later designed the Tabatabei House and the Boroujerdi House, both in Kashaan.         Related Posts Kashan, a … Continue Reading

From Tehran to Kashaan – Thoughts on the Road

  On our almost 3 hour ride from Tehran to Kashan we pass from Tehran Province to Qom Province and then to Isfahan Province, where the city is located. As foreign tourists, we have the obligation to stop at the police station and declare our presence as we pass from one province to another, but … Continue Reading

Dinner in the Heights of Daraband – The Door of the Mountain

Meaning The Door of the Mountain in Farsi, Daraband is an area in the North of Tehran, in Shemiran, at the base of the Tochal Mountain. The place is actually a trail, a hike up, filled with restaurants, cafes, shisha places, small shops selling dried fruits and sweets. There were two things that impressed me … Continue Reading

In the Bustling Great Bazaar of Tehran and Lunch at the Famous Moslem’s Restaurant

The Reza Great Bazaar in Tehran The Tehran Bazaar is located in District 12 of Tehran at a less than 10 minute walk from The Golestan Place. Like any other bazaar, be it Istanbul, Muscat or Shiraz, this one makes it so simple to get lost through the hundreds of small alleys cramming towards and … Continue Reading

Traditional Night at Baghe Saba Tea House in Tehran

The first thing I do when I find out I will visit a new place is research. A little bit of everything. Museums, landmarks, top restaurants, posh café, something specific, shows, anything goes. So, I had a list of 5 upscale restaurants in Tehran including Divan (up North), Nayeb (established in 1964, also up North), … Continue Reading