Are you moving abroad to study or maybe on a new professional challenge?

Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching

Is your new home a new, scary place with a new language, new customs, another lifestyle, different religion and it is on the other side of the planet?

The cultural shock can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you find yourself in an essentially different culture and you have not been trained to cope with such differences and changes.

This leads to an identity crisis and most of the people who moved abroad have been through it.

You don’t have to go through it!

Let’s work together and use the experience I have gathered from:

  • growing up in Romania in Eastern Europe in a mixed nationality and different religion family;
  • moving to United States by myself to study when I was barely 15 as part of an exchange program in a different school system, different language and a new host family;
  • working in United States for a summer in a very diverse environment and a different work habitat than what I was used to back home;
  • studying in diverse groups around the world;
  • moving to the Middle East and working in a fast paced environment with 190 nationalities;
  • changing my profession at the same time with moving in a country with a different culture, language, religion, habits etc.
  • travelling to over 80 countries and having the opportunity to study their customs and culture, tendencies and beliefs;
  • volunteering in Asia as a foreign English teacher.

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