March 8th 2015, Doha, Qatar

Time files so fast. I am already in the third training week. So far so good. 100% at all tests. I pick up things rapidly and I enjoy playing around.

I am certain now that this is the place where I have to be. Which means I am here with a reason. For now, I do not know it, but for sure I need to help others if training is easy for me. So I do.

I am sitting in bed, listening to What’s a Woman (Vaya con Dios) from a 8 years old playlist and I am dreaming of faraway destinations, choosing airport codes for my first chosen flights. On my list: Algiers, Tblisi, Hong Kong, Delhi, Jakarta, Teheran, Osaka, Amman. Beirut, Moscow.

Could I be any different than the others?

Everybody wants to fly home, I want to fly further away. Everybody wants to go to the Maldives, Phuket and Rome, I want to go to Shiraz, Lahore and Khartom and then Dhaka, Baku and Lagos.

Suddenly the world seems so small, I can go everywhere, I can see, I can experiment, accumulate, see the colors, taste the food, smell the scents, pick the flowers, walk the ground of countries, go to the location of my books, see the flags shattering in their homeland… I feel the need to pinch myself and I am really living a dream. Located in the desert, well-educated and able to go wherever. This is what I wanted!

How life can change in a month. One month ago I was waking up every day going to my 5 years’ time job like I was going to the electric chair and was facing (a sort of) depression. There was nothing interesting in my life, I had retreated in my small home-work-home life. This gotten worse in the last year and someone asked me about my once glamorous life. I did not know what to answer.

The first trainer told us that we always have to remember the purpose for which we came here. As always, mine does not have firm lines.

Tomorrow I am picking up the residence permit and my observation flights are already somewhere in a system, although I do not know them yet. Some other 5 documents are in the oven for me to fly safely and legally. Legally? This reminds me of something I used to do long ago…


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