March 6th 2015, Doha, Qatar

We arrived at the Al Shaqab Horse Riding Stadium in Doha, an amazing futuristic design huge equestrian club. I was dreaming about attending this equestrian event ever since December, when I was not even here. Destiny truly happens.

We watched Dressage and Jumping sections and wandered in the stadium, taking pictures and laughing lots. I loved the setting and the environment: it is the kind of place where I like to be, between regular people and royal family members, buses and Bentleys.

I followed the jumping section with great enthusiasm and learned how the points are added up and followed some royal blood competitors. Of course, the horses were all royal blood.

I just had a jerky beef food made with spicy Indian ingredients that my roomie got from a friend in Hong Kong. How international!

After completing the online courses and quizzes, I began reading the only book I brought with me “Mother Without a Mask” by Patricia Holton. It is the first time I miss home, our kitchen in my hometown house. As I flip the page to chapter one I see the beautiful page embellishments and I remember how I would always embellish my notebook page with s-shaped drawings at the corners.

I am at the beginning of my demons battles, as I once said in a public setting at a book launching I was invited to say a few words.


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“at the beggining of my demons battle” ??
paranoia or what ?

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