Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching
Nurture the entire being: the Body, the Mind and the Spirit.

The concept I bring forward is a type of coaching that that focuses on the person as a whole, a physical body, an emotional universe a mental being and a spiritual entity in order to nurture the entire being: the body, the mind and the spirit.

Coaching refers to the identification of the blockages, setting goals and then fulfilling them with the tools acquired during the coaching sessions. Holistic refers to the belief that all the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. This is how I see people and myself, divine and complex beings, having multiple layers.

The Holistic Coach is one that focuses on the person as a whole, physically, emotionally and mentally. Let’s work together in order to evoke transformation and find the best way to live up to your full potential.

You are ready for a leap of faith and need guidance? Let’s work together and shift beliefs, free yourself from conditioning, limitation, trauma, fear, blockages and learn how to become friends with your shadow.

My method is personalized coaching which means I am focused 100% on you, your needs and goals, in addition to any new aspects that might appear during the sessions. This means I do not use pre-set coaching plans, as I believe each individual is special in their complexity, unique in their needs and particular in their evolution.

Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching

I normally start out by having a discovery discussion following which I create a personalized coaching plan, outlining the aspects of focus such as, but not limited to:

  • identifying your strengths and the values around which you want to construct;
  • identifying the beliefs that limit you;
  • identifying the patterns of behavior that you have been applying and that have not led to the desired results;
  • going to the root of these beliefs in order to be able to identify them when they appear in your everyday life;
  • forming new patters and habits according to your inner values;
  • setting goals and aspirations according to your true self;
  • directing the energy towards productive activities;
  • working together on your short, mid-term and long term goals.

First of all we will create together an environment that will be safe for you can do your transformational work, you can rediscover who you truly are – an abundant, creative and empowered person.

If you are wondering how exactly we are going to do that, let me take care of it. I achieve results by using a combination of skills and techniques, according to your particular needs.

My method is working together. I will be there at every step of your path, assisting you with all my skills and knowledge and offering my personal feedback throughout the process.

I am not a magician, an overnight healer and most importantly, I cannot do the personal work on your behalf. Thoughts and feelings are the ones that create our reality, so if you want to change the outer reality of your life, you have to make the change within the mind and soul first, with no exception.

We will be using numerous techniques that have provided quantifiable results with other clients, in order to achieve your goals successfully, such as identifying your top qualities and maximizing them in order to achieve the desired goals, setting achievable short, mid-term and long term goals, using positive affirmations that I custom create according to your needs and others.

My purpose is to grow your ability to perceive exactly who you are as a person, to grow your self-awareness and self-knowledge, to realize your inner power, but my most important goal is to trigger and you whatever makes you reach self-love, which is the catalyst for all the good things in life from love, caring relationships, abundance and health.

Erroneous beliefs acquired early in our lives from the society, parents, teachers are the ones that generate the events in our lives and create our reality. By making a massive shifts in belief massive shifts in belief you will be able take your life in the direction you want and materialize anything.

Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching Let’s rebuild together your self-confidence

In addition, should you desire, I can use elements from your natal Astrology and/or Numerology charts to maximize the results.

Let’s work together and create life that you’ve always wanted!

All discussions are 100% confidential.​

For inquiries, feel free to use the contact form below.

Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching
Ignite Your Full Potential
Shine Your Light in the World


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