March 24th 2015

Nights in Doha are enjoyable, in company of newly made friends from around the world, having lavish dinners in wonderfully oriental decorated restaurants, on rooftops between lamps, exotic plants and shishas. With huge platters of lamb, rice, hoummus and tabuleh, fresh fruit juices from mangos and pomegranate, with tasty desserts.

In the middle of nice, polite, joyful, relaxed people, who probably have a difficulty in understanding us like we have a difficulty in understanding them. In such a surrounding, with my head covered with a hijab I found out my first destinations.
More than one month ago I was having this boring office life, same job for 5 years, same office, same road to work, same coffee mug. Now I have my first destination ready and it is Ethiopia. Second is Saudi Arabia. Dar el Salam – Tanzania, Moscow – Russia, Phuket – Thailand, Bangkok – Thailand, Johannesburg – South Africa.
While reading about Ethiopia, I can hear the workers outside in the buildings around my accommodation,  sounds of broken glass and trucks coming and going. It is almost 2 am.


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