Each person has their unique talents that are good at, that field where they can excel where they can bring added value. No matter where you are in your life right now, look towards your goal, towards what you want to achieve.

Build your own path based on your desires, your goals and what you think will make you fulfilled. Don’t fall into the trap of doing what others want for you. Going to go for a career that other others think would suit you.

Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching

Going into the field that you think it will make you loads of money because other people consider that having a lot of money it means being fulfilled. Don’t take the decisions in your life according to other people’s beliefs.

I have spent a lot of time around people who were told or intensely suggested which career path to choose or even forced to choose a certain career. Most of my university colleagues have wasted three for up to six years or even eight years of their life time trying to accede to a profession that was obviously not for them.

My generation was born around the 1990s. It is obvious that the generation born at a time of great turmoil, revolution and new times around the world has to bring about that change in the world and obviously it’s going to do it by the time they are at least 20-30-40. We are this generation and I will venture to say that if you are reading this you are probably part of this generation.

Fate does love the fearless. Fear is nothing but a low vibration, a baggage we need to get rid of.

Find your passion! Don’t be another brick in the wall. Be yourself, be that unique beautiful person that you are just by existing. You are a gift to this world!

It is no use to try to please others or prove others that you can do it.

Work with me to find your path, what you are good at, to find yourself and fulfill your dreams. To create added value for this world. After having changed 2 full careers by 27, I can tell you cannot bring that individual contribution at a job you don’t love.

Take your time.

Ask for help and only surround yourself with people who believe in you, encourage you and are there to support you. At any point of time in your life you do not need people who project their fears, doubts and limitations on yourself.

Let me help you beak the pattern and find your own, unique path.

You are unique, you’re smart and you have your special talent. Discover it and go for it!

Maybe you can play the guitar, paint, be a great carpenter, you’re good in commerce. We don’t all need to become doctors, engineers and lawyers as our parents expect us to. God, I wish somebody had told me this 10 years ago.

We are part of a generation that was born to reconfigure the world. The world is changing and the old methods to not work anymore. We are the ones who need to bring change, we are the disruptors, the ones taking the world to the next step, next level.

Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Holistic Coaching
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Holistic Coaching

Think about it in terms of jobs. There are new jobs and incredible jobs and highly paid jobs that did not even exist 10 years ago. Services that found request overnight as the lifestyle changed and society evolved. Other disappeared.

Maybe the job what you are best at wasn’t even invented! Maybe you can invent it!

Let’s work together in order to evoke transformation within you professional life and find the best way to live up to your full potential.

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