I offer personalized Astrology readings focusing on your life path, life purpose, early trauma in your life, but also on the main areas of your life such as relationships, property, travelling etc.

For this, I use professional software and you will find out about your Ascendant and how it influences your life and about the present day transits of planets over your natal chart. Transits are the ones that influence the real life events.

If you would like this reading I need your full name, birthday – the day, month and year, the approximate time of your birth and the place of birth.

Your investment includes your chart, a personalized report and a question session which we can do over email or other means of communication.

My work focuses on the practical aspect of life, so the purpose is to raise the quality of life of my clients. Therefore, I offer information and intuitive messages that can help you in your evolution or in critical moments, can make you more aware what you are what is your special gift, how you can live up to your full magnificence that you came to add to this world.

Astrology is not necessarily about divination, but more about getting to know yourself better, contemplating on your own patterns and beliefs, helping you to take the best decision at the most beneficent timing, making you reflect over your life and your future.

Sevim Gliga-Baubec Astrology Reading
This is an astrolabe, historically used by astronomers and navigators to measure the inclined position in the sky of a celestial body,.

The word astrolabe means “the one that catches the heavenly bodies.”

Let’s catch them together!

It is important for you to know that from the moment you get in touch with an Astrologer, Coach, Numerologist or any other therapist, you send a message to the universe that you are ready for the next step, that you have started your transformation and are willing to do something practical in order to change your life. Many times, it comes after a long period of inner work. When you are ready to make a step forward, the degree of manifestation that you will see in your life will be unimaginable.  

When you contact a specialist of any kind it means you have already decided to change your life, taking the process to the next level, from thought to action. You are seeking help, which is beautiful. The world is a wonderful place, full of people wanting to help you evolve and we are all here to pull each other up.

Astrology is a wonderful tool that has proved to be extremely useful for self-knowledge, decision making, becoming more equipped for encountering life events and eventual adversities.

Should you be interested, I have had great results in using elements of Astrology, Numerology and Psychology in order to provide personalized Holistic Coaching services.

Do you need guidance in a particular area of your life? Let’s work together!

Once you make the payment, feel free to drop your information in the Contact Form and we can arrange the timings according to your convenience. All discussions are 100% confidential.

For inquiries, used the contact form below.

Sevim Gliga-Baubec - Astrologer
Sevim Gliga-Baubec – Astrologer


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