Curious what are the main themes of your life,

the most important lessons to integrate (and how to do it?),

what are the secrets encoded in your birthday?

Just a date? Even the ancients knew it’s so much more than that,

 the key to all our questions and doubts regarding your earthly existence and divine essence.

Find solutions through Astrology and Numerology! – Sevim


I want to change my life. Where should I start?

Is it the right time to start my own business?

Should I move abroad?

Why do I keep attracting the same situations in my life?

I feel stuck. Will I succeed if I quit my job or should I wait?

What type of professions suit me best?

What is my main purpose in life and how to fulfill it?

Which life lessons do I have to integrate to evolve and how might they appear in my life?

How can I enhance my native potential?


These are just a few of the burning question that Astrology and Numerology can answer to!


Astrology and Numerology are not necessarily about divination or fortune telling. They are practical tools that assist you in getting to know yourself better, support you in taking the best decision at the right time, invite you reflect about:

  • your past – to reevaluate it, not to relive it
  • your present life and practical, immediate ways to improve it
  • your future, how to change limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns and fulfill your desires.


A personalized Astrology, Numerology or combined session with me can offer information and intuitive messages to help you with:

  • critical or tense moments of your life
  • your overall professional, personal or spiritual evolution
  • becoming more aware of your self-worth, your unique gifts and how to maximize them
  • becoming the best version of yourself and enhancing your potential
  • living consciously, a living with mindfulness
  • grasping the profound meaning of life and understanding you are much more than your physical body or current situation
  • receiving answers to your existential questions.


Astrology and Numerology are practical tools that have proved to be extremely useful for self-knowledge, decision making, becoming more equipped for encountering life events and eventual adversities.


The Astrology and Numerology sessions with Sevim are

life changing. I found out things about myself I had no clue about and I started to understand why some things happened in my past and which direction to take.


What is Numerology?

Numerology is a mathematical, exact, clear and quantifiable tool that calculates in detail and explains practically, giving solutions for your life events, burning questions, essential decisions, love, work and social relationships.


The Universe we live in and everything within it, including humans, You and Me, are built according to algorithms of Numerology.


That is why Numerology can explain in detail, give advice and offer solutions for major life events, in decision making process, towards becoming equipped for dealing with setbacks and challenges, in overcoming blockages and breaking negative patterns.


“My work focuses on the practical aspects of life, so the purpose is to

raise the quality of life of my clients.” – Sevim


What exactly does a Numerology Session reveal?


The personalized Numerology session with me will reveal your:


  • Birth Vibration

It is common knowledge that everything in the Universe is Vibration. And so are you. Calculated according to your full birthday, your Birth Vibration will reveal your Life Path, what is your purpose here on Earth, what are your Divine gifts and how to use them, which directions to take for maximizing your potential.


  • Destiny Number

This is the number that indicates your Personal Mission in this world, your life mission, the reason why you were born in this world and what is the practical way to approach this path, so which steps to take exactly in order to get on track and enhance your human experience. It is essential in identifying the most suitable career, during transition periods and helps you to take action and make the right decisions.


  • Karmic Numbers

These numbers show what kind of environment you were born and raised into and how it influences your evolution and development from early on, how to overcome some difficulties, what are the lessons to integrate from a difficult family environment and how to cope with setbacks.


  • Intuitive Messages from angels and spiritual guides

I have been passionate about Numerology for about 15 years and have studied it consistently. However, during the last years I reached a new level of intuition and do get messages regarding my clients either before, during or after the consultations. Most of the times, these have been more insightful than the calculations providing either a solution looked after for a long time, raising awareness regarding the necessity of taking a major decision or shedding light to a situation.


  • Birth Matrix

I use special techniques and calculations to create your numerological matrix that comprises all your natal attributes – mental, energy potential, health, intuition, practical skills, spiritual aspects, family aspects, studying abilities. This reveals which is your strongest skill, how your overall energy is disposed and what are the most beneficial ways of using it.


  • Personal Year

This number reveals the focus for this year or the following one and can surface weather you are on your life path or can suggest ways to maximize the gifts each particular year brings for each of us. It can be anything from taking initiative, opening a new business, getting married or divorced, getting closer to the higher powers, ending a major life cycle and can answer to the question “Is it the right time to…?”


  • Life Cycles Pyramid

This is an advanced numerological tool based on the essential 9 year life cycles of your life, outlining major themes, predicting how long some life phases might last and what should your general life focus be in order to live a fulfilled and meaningful life.


  • Numerology Compatibility

Do you want to know if you two are a good match? Numerology calculations can indicate the strong aspects and the sensitive aspects of a relationship.


  • Home Vibration

Are you thinking about moving? Do you feel your house does not have a good energy and are interest in remedies for making it a home? Numerology had the answer here, too.


  • Practical Remedies

I offer each of my clients personalized remedies ranging from customized positive affirmations and spiritual practices to book and courses recommendations, as well as the numerologist’s advice for your questions.


Yes, I want my personalized Numerology reading!


All I need in order to calculate your complete personalized Numerology profile is:

  • The full name at birth – and any name changes.
  • The birthday – day, month, year.


What is Astrology?

Astrology studies the movement of planets and how it practically influences our life. It completes the insight gained from Numerology, highlighting new aspects of your existence.


Your Astrology natal chart is your own code to this lifetime that includes information regarding all areas of life: personality and general purpose in life, money and self-worth, property, creativity, family, kids, work, relationships, early trauma in your life, health and work, life lessons and how they might appear in your life, travel and relocation, future, the karmic lessons, possible setbacks, spirituality and relationship with divinity.


What exactly does a personalized Astrology Session reveal?

I use professional software to create your natal chart that reveals your:


  • Natal placements

This means where the planets were on the sky at the moment of your birth. The position of the planets outline general directions and tendencies that one carries the entire life and knowing these can be particularly helpful.


  • Ascendant

One of the most important elements of your natal chart, the starting point, the social mask, how you show yourself to the world. It is more visible in the first part of your life.


  • Areas of Focus

Gain insight about your personality and character traits, destiny, upcoming opportunities, relationships, energy cycles.

Know more about the strong and challenging or sensitive areas of your life which could be ranging from health to relationships, from spirituality to past lifetimes.


  • Transits of planets in your chart

The transits of planets over your natal placements are the ones that are triggering, manifesting and influencing the real events of your life – marriage, moving abroad, changing field of activity.


  • Intuitive messages

Assisting you in understanding your energy and core directions to discern what is meant for you and let go of what no longer serves you. Personalized solutions and advice for your everyday life as was as for stay connected and aligned to your soul’s purpose.


  • Practical Remedies for body mind and spirit

I offer each of my clients personalized remedies ranging from customized positive affirmations, divine guidance and spiritual practices to book and courses recommendations, as well as the astrologist’s advice for your questions.


Yes, I want my personalized Astrology reading!


All I need in order to calculate your complete personalized Numerology profile is:

  • The full name at birth – and any name changes
  • The birthday – day, month, year
  • The approximate time of your birth
  • The place of birth


See life from a whole different perspective. All relationships have the potential to transform us, but the relationship with yourself is the longest, most important and most transformative of all. Astrology and Numerology reveal many practical aspects, but the utmost goal is to enhance your level of self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love.

“The sessions take you towards understanding that only you are the one in control of your life. You have the choice, but in making the best choices the first step is understanding your deeply rooted reasons and motivations. See where it is just expectations or illusions and where you can build something that will truly make you fulfilled. The point of Astrology and Numerology and any other similar art is to help you know yourself better not to tell you exactly what is going to happen. In fact nobody can say that, exactly because you have a choice. My role is to guide you the best way possible in making the most suitable decisions for yourself.”

I offer information and intuitive messages that:

  • hold space for your personal, spiritual and professional evolution or in critical moments
  • making you more aware of who you truly are and your divine nature
  • guide you in becoming the best version of yourself and express your full potential.


Yes, I want my personalized Astrology + Numerology reading !


Discussions are 100% confidential.