I am a Holistic Life Coach, Astrologer and Numerologist committed to evolution and personal growth and looking to play my role in the evolution of humankind.


Free spirit, truth seeker, way shower, mystic guide and energy alchemist. Constantly seeking, learning, discovering and reinventing my own world. On a never ending journey to myself.


My mission in life is to change mentalities and create major shifts in beliefs, to build a new world, to pull myself up in this evolution scale by empowering others. Serving people by busting old mental schemes, teaching new ways and healing outdated patterns.


The holistic lifestyle I am creating and sharing with the world is based on authenticity and personal values and it is my soul project. My work is my divine expression.


I am unconventional and believe my purpose is to bring changes at a consciousness level in this world. I’m here for a revolution at a spiritual, inner, consciousness level. Ready to contribute to a new values set and a new world order and way of seeing life.


During my human experience I went from being an alternative dispute resolution methods attorney-at-law to exploring over 90 countries and cultures as a flight attendant, interacting with hundreds of thousands of people from different backgrounds to opening up to the numerous cultures and beliefs.


Over the years I took the road less traveled, followed my heart and landed (literally) in tens of countries and billion situations. Having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I learned something from every person I met and situation I encountered. Now I am ready to share it with the world doing online coaching and astrology and numerology consultations.


During my intercultural experience I understood my tribe expands on more meridians, cultures and religions. I believe we are all the same, we are all one at different stages of our evolution.


I believe we can pull each other up, that we can all be kind and compassionate. Having dared to discover my inner passion and divine gifts, it is my desire to bring my contribution to the world by helping other find their inner truth.


I now know that I am You and You are Me and we are all drops of the same ocean.


So, after ten intense years, I paced down in a sabbatical. I had been an overachiever all my life and apparently I had “everything” – beautiful things, professional achievements, admirers, financial stability, social visibility and wonderful trips. Yet, in my personal life, in my deep inner world, I was broken. It’s not what you have that matters, but what you are.


The shift came when I stopped fighting and trying so hard to keep it all together.


Therefore, I started to reconstruct myself. I went through a lot of personal inner work, opened my mind to new perspectives, my spirit to washing ancestral karma, my personal history to healing childhood wounds and my body to spiritual practices.


Going myself through long periods of introspection and search, looking for answers – which often came through the subtle worlds, I built genuine interest for the human nature, the psyche and how it functions, the inner universe of humans and its relation with the higher powers. Our essential questions and challenges as spirits living on Earth.


Understanding we are all pure source consciousness, but we just lost connection to it. All we need is to remember. My work is to inspire deep inner change at a consciousness level and uplift it by assisting people remember their divine nature. My style is unconventional and I am a system disruptor.


Working with people is my life mission and a labor of love.