I am a Holistic Coach, Intuitive Astrologer and Numerologist, Tarot lover and explorer of this world. 

Passionate about esoteric sciences for about 15 years. 

During my human experience I went from being Attorney-at-Law to travelling to over 80 countries as a flight attendant, to opening up to the numerous cultures and beliefs of this wonderful Planet Earth. 

A few years ago I delved into Astrology and Numerology and in one of my long visits at the Dallas Barnes & Noble, I got a Tarot deck.

Volunteering is a way of living. From NGOs to teaching children in Indonesia and Romania, I feel giving back is the way to center myself. 

After 10 intense years, I paced down in a sabbatical that gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of Psychology, Inner Child Work, Numerology, Astrology, main world religions, positive affirmations, which are the main tools I use with my clients. 

I believe in evolution and that we are all in control of our lives. I don’t believe in taking things for granted, in blockages and anything that limits me. This is my work and I instill it to my clients as well. 

Sometimes I write and sometimes I paint, but most of the times I read.

I now know that I am You and You are Me and we are all drops of the ocean. 



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