Read about my very first trip to Barcelona and about a mysterious story.


June 6th 2016, Doha, Qatar, at the airport

I came from bay 101 with flight 220 (Bucharest) only to go to Barcelona (flight 137) and come back with flight 146. All 11s.

It’s Ramadan already, new month of June.

My friend asking me when I will return home. Me, being ironic: “Are you kidding me – haven’t you seen that I didn’t know yesterday what I’m doing tomorrow”. The surprise of June: I just found out I’m off to Barcelona tonight for 2 days.

From January’s Barcelonaa Romanian saying tells the sum of vices is constant. However, I am addicted. Truly addicted to traveling, but not as a purpose, as a mean. To provoke myself, to expand my limits, to put myself at risk, to uncover myself and discover my depths. To spend time with strangers, to trust them to get help and help them, to do secret charity and accept the kindness of others, to speak people’s language, to lie and pretend, to find what’s real for me, to find meaning and to click with moments, people and a certain scene, to be all, to play fool, to act smart, to take sweet and low decisions, to control myself, to let go…

I travel and travel and travel.


This times for me are times of searches. And God, what I find.


June 7th  2016, Barcelona, Spain 

Arrived in Barcelona, where I’ve had one of the best adventures last time I was here. Checked in my room with a view to the Torre Agbar, the condom looking one, the older brother of the one in Doha.

People say information comes to you when you need it or when you’re ready. Well, apparently the person in front of me gives me the right (usually encrypted) information with such ease. As in a movie, the person does not care or seems not to give much importance to what we’re speaking about. They give me precise information, with details, like it’s a cookies recipe.

Every now and then I meet this kind of people and I feel we’re from the same story, that there are other characters in my story.

Walking on Avenida Diagonal wearing a long Islamic Art pink and green motifs on black fabric, a beach black blazer with long and thin tassels, green ballerinas with small holes and a fedora hat.

When I pack for a destination, I pack my dreams and principles, my stories and my thoughts. Also, the clothes I put in my suitcase – this sort of magic carpet – have to be from the same magical lands of my stories. Cruise collection for this 2 day stay in Barcelona, which I got packed with a ribbon from standby as an absolute surprise.

Cruising. Trippin’. La vida es un carnival.

Morning from Barcelona! Bed view! Bad ass. Barcelona. No sleep. Pack. Unpack. Don’t pack, just go. Is it morning? Coffee. No coffee. Just champagne and oysters. ‪


June 7th 2016, Barcelona, later that day

Be bold be free and do whatever the fuck you want. Try to kill your ego and you will no longer knock at the gates of despair. Other gates will open.

Accept you limits, only this way you’ll expand them.


I love to say I’m limitless and I am, I truly am, but within my limits. There’s no limit my friend, but we set limitations for us. Of course I have limits and you have limits, but what is average for me might be unconceivable for you and the other way around.

And walking in Barcelona and writing this in front of my eyes the Mediterranean opens – blue and limitless. Oh, yes with some geographical limits.

Don’t I get bored traveling alone? Nope! My soul needs solitude.

Why am I alone? And a Guy whom I suspect is a Benedictine monk.

Part two of the cruise collection. Wearing a mid-calf A-line high waist thick cotton white on white print skirt bought from my recent travels together with my mom’s white on white embroidery blouse with leaf shaped holes and wide angles cut, gold sandals and same fedora beach hat. I’m walking on the beach of Barcelona and men are looking at me more than at the topless women.

I hate you and I love you every second of my life.

I walk by the lively beach from Parc de Poblenou until the Port Olimpic, I look at the ships and waters, think of him, continue to sip my fresh fruit mojito that I bought from one of the fancy bars on the beach, I pass by Pacha and Opium, where I will get fucked up tonight, arrive at Playa Barceloneta, keep walking. Buy cocktails on the way. Almost at the W, where I wanted to have some fancy dinner, but decide last minute to go by the funicular up Montjuic- Miramar. Of course it is stuck up with other people, but who cares? I wait 10 minutes and still go.

I eat seafood paella and drink yet another glass of rose wine while admiring Barcelona from above. I can see the Agbar Tower, Passeig de Colon, Museu Maritim, Sagrada Familia, the sea, the W – all the city.

Came back walking by Port Vell, in the silence of the sun set, by the huge cruise ships and small sailing boats, looking at them merchandise of the blanket stands in front of the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya. I would’ve stopped at one of the nice restaurants there, but I was in a hurry to get to eat at that particular restaurant and then I need to get changed in by backless jumpsuit and high heels and hit the clubs. All in a little over one hour.


June 8th 2016, Barcelona, La Vida Buena

And all of a sudden I’m thinking about working on a boat. Well…if God and destiny wants.

To be undercover means to identify yourself so well with the person you “are” that even you are confused about your identity. Pure theatre! Teatro, la vida es puro teatro – La Lupe. And yes, I will get in Cuba this year.

Just ate oysters Central America style en El Rey de las Gambas 2 where he took me.

In the taxi, which I ordered in Spanish, plays Is it in His Kiss – Cher? Is it?

I’m starting to know Barcelona well, as I know quite some cities by now – New York, Jakarta, Milan.

I wished I would remember all the details of that night when …


June 9th 2016, Doha, Qatar, 2:20AM

Came back from Barcelona, parked at gate C11.

I’m taking off for Bucharest, second time in one week. This month will kill me or cure me. Seoul-Bucharest-Barcelona-Bucharest. Sydney.

And Gosh, it’s time to bid (ask for next month’s flights) again. Life is passing by so fast.

The life and the intensity of my life living is overwhelming even for me.

That which you are seeking is causing you to seek. – I read this 10 times and still did not get it, yet I’m still seeking. Maybe that’s what it’s all about.


How many times can one see this bear in the Doha Airport in one month? Literally living in airports and aircraft even when not working Loving the egate , which allows me to exit and enter the country just by swiping the Qatari ID. It’s funny how I need a passport to enter Romania – my national ID is somewhere in Cambodia – and can enter and exit Qatar just by blinking my eye. Life is an interesting journey!

Slept all the way in the plane. I live, work, travel, sleep, make friends, have joys and disappointments in planes.


Later that day, Bucharest, Romania

Read during landing from the book “to die is not to die” and found something I know before – we choose our parents and our life. We sign a contract before we come (back?) here. Should this be why I chose the path of law for the very beginning?

How did I chose my life – I don’t know, but I was fucking schizophrenic or drunk when I did it.


Saw homeless talking alone and I wished one day I have the possibility to take care of them, actually my dream for years is to have a canteen for homeless.

Feeling particularly good in my cousin’s flat in Bucharest.

Just arrived from flight and I have my feet up looking at her bamboo wall drawings.

Thinking for a moment how would it be to come back to Bucharest, have a normal life, go back to office or semi-office job.


Forget about it! I’m going back to fly. My home is in the sky.



Pack like me

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How are you do dear college ? Where are you now ?? I have a sleepless night and I am thinking about you.. I AM HOPING EVERYTHING OK WITH YOU.. On Jul 7, 2016 12:24 PM, “The Diary of a Tireless Traveler” wrote:

> Attorney at law. Globetrotter. posted: “Read about my very first trip to > Barcelona and about a mysterious story. June 7th 2016, Barcelona, Spain > Arrived in Barcelona, where I’ve had one of the best adventures last time I > was here. Checked in my room with a view to the Torre Agbar, t” >


Hi. Who is this? i don’t understand much of the message.


“the condom looking one” ?! Whaaat ?!


“When i pack for a destination, I …” Impresionante vorbe draga mea


” Be bold, be free and…” Nu-i așa ușor !! Eu am făcut așa si mi-am umilit părinții kestie pt care nu pot sa ma iert niciodată !! Libertatea nu vine ușor . Kiar si cei bogați si regii si whatever nu sunt complitly free. Trăim vremuri grele !!


“That Which YOU are seeking îs causing YOU to seek” in mintea mea înseamnă ca problemele nu se termina niciodată, merg in lanț , in cerc whatever .


Keep at it 🙂


? Something wrong I said?

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