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April 23rd 2016, almost midnight, somewhere in Jakarta, Indonesia at 15th floor

With God’s will we’ve landed in Jakarta.

Why with God’s will?

Because without it there would be nothing.

Indonesian people are so nice – they remind me of people used to be. Patient, kind, smiling, pure, joyful for small things.

Getting used to South-Eastern Asia, to its crazy, hectic traffic. What I like in Indonesia is the hijab women wear. It’s most of the times very colorful and it creates a peaceful state of mind. It’s not disturbing.


Two old ladies dressed all in white and covered in white cotton lace blessed me as the disembarked the plane. I have never seen those gestures, but I knew right away.

Thinking of some childhood psychological reasons for some of the ways that I act after a recent conversation with a stranger.


I want to own hotels and I know I will! Until then – I live in them.

Wondering in this year of flying how many nights I slept in hotels and how few at home, how many I did not sleep at all…

In front of me, on the bar of the lounge I have the list of destinations I’ve been to in ONE YEAR. The first year.

It’s hard to believe even for me, who has lived this crazy hopping around the greatest cities of the world and the most desired destinations, hanging out in lofty hotels, sipping huge colorful cocktails by the pool in the shade of palm tree leaves.


…and as I write this, somewhere in Jakarta, where I’m at for the fourth time now, the schedule for next month is out and I run away from life a bit more or towards it and it’s 01:01…

Miami, Jakarta again (5th time), Seoul with mom (after meeting her in Rome this month) and some surprises to be unlocked soon.

At the “office”, in Jakarta, after a 9 hour flight, writing – by hand, in pencil – for the blog. So I do have an office job after all, but it comes with welcome drinks in lobby bars and upgrades.

1:40 AM: Yes, put it on the room. Good night!


April 24th 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia

You are the kind of person that does not fear of anything and if they know they are doing the right thing they will not hesitate. I read this on the screen of the shop, where one of the guys working here has been trying to translate it with the help of Google translate since I entered the store. I leave with a smile on my face and some “Made in Indonesia” items.


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“I want to own hotels …” Sa-ți ajute Allah, D-zeu !! Poate îmi faci si mie reduceri ca si mie ce-mi place la hoteluri si restaurante !! Mama Mea din ceruri !!

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