March 4th 2016, Perth, Australia

We reached late afternoon the city, my very first Australia experience. The place seems quiet and peaceful, as I’ve heard about the country so many times before. Nobody seems to be too worried about something and the air itself is relaxed.

The hotel is right across the Perth Arena, a huge concert hall hosting international stars every now and then. I like its geometry inspired design and how it looks by night.

We’re walking towards the harbor/City Center, next to The Bell Tower and although we get a bit lost – guided by the pilots – I stay a bit back to admire the “Take care”, hearts and people holding hands, “Please look out for each other” signs on the sidewalk.


In a coffee shop window there’s a sign saying – “Sometimes I like coffee more than I like people”. Ha! Early departures, for sure!

As it is my first contact with the Australia street art, I’m in delirium, trying to photograph the colorful graffiti, the iron structures on the sidewalks, the public spaces colorful design. The vibe is so positive that nothing can bother, even walking for one hour and a half when you’re hungry.

The city is full of lights by night, especially by the Swan River flowing into the ocean – Indian Ocean (Perth is in Western Australia).


After finding out that we cannot enter any place that sells alcohol unless we have our passports – no other ID is accepted except a national Australian ID – we find a beer garden or some outside event, right in the harbor and we stop for lots of ale and junk food.

I’m really impressed with the exterior design of the city and interior design of the places I’ve been. Lots of color, creativity and positivism.

For the night, the Aviary has great music and is right downtown and by day, the terrace offers a great place to relax and awesome chicken wings. Walk the small paths to admire street art and the good vibes of the city and go in some underground British bar for one last drink.


March 5th 2016, Perth, Australia

Well, I have to purposes in Australia. First is to see the koalas and kangaroos and second is to eat a delicious kangaroo steak.

So, first thing in the morning I booked one taxi to go to Caversham Wildlife Park, the biggest private park, owned by an Australia family.

Here, I felt like a kid again and got close to the animals, that I did not like to much to be around before. So let’s start!

Our first stop was at the kangaroos, which were soaking up the sun, happy to be fed with roo food that the keepers provided in a huge basket for visitors. I must admit, they look a little different than I had expected and I think I’ve seen roos before, but I did not get a chance to cuddle them and see them this close.


Kids are in Heaven and can poop their pants of joy when seeing them, but I think I’m a bit like that, too. Some ducks roam around the roos, but they ignore everybody, including us.

Hey, but where is their pouch and the baby roos? Oh my God, the baby roos are in the pouch upside down and with their skinny legs out. How do they breathe, I don’t know. This is far from the ideal image of roos that you see in cartoons where a happy baby takes his head out from the pouch.

Some roos are white and some bright brown, but they’re not racist to each other and mingle together.

There’s something human in some of kangaroos gestures. I’m in a long fluid skirt with green and red print and a loos green shirt tucked in. Yes, and my green bag. I think the roos like my skirt and like to eat from my hand.

The park offers an Animal Farm program where you can go and approach the birds, mammals and reptiles and it’s a very good experience for kids. And also for me. The keepers are well trained and they answer to all questions of the visitors.


Colorful parrots, a wombat – so fat and weird, yellow eyes owls.

By far the best part of the day was visiting the koalas, these so cute fluffy animals with small years and 20 hours a day sleeping schedules. Luckily some were awake and we could cuddle them, but very gentle, with the back of the palm.

So how do they sleep? In all possible ways. They just wrap their legs and hands by a branch and they sleep. Or even hanging with just one arm from a branch and …good night. Why is that? Because they only eat eucalyptus leaves which are not very rich in nutrients, so they need to preserve energy.

Back in the city center to see the amazing artsy designs in the sun light. On a car plate there’s a small animal and it says – For all creatures, great and small.



March 6th, 9 PM

Returned from Perth, Australia after almost 4 days. Forgot my phone at home and did not even miss it that much. I missed Doha because I just love where I’m at now. With my job, with my soul, with my travels. Traveling the past 10 days from Bali to Beirut to Ho Chi Min to Osaka to Perth had been truly an adventure and I could write a book about these two weeks alone. Made it to see the kangaroos and koalas, wore the kimono in Japan, partied where it’s craziest in Saigon, saw the tunnels in Vietnam, the rice terraces in Bali, ate Lebanese food and walked on the contrasts streets of Beirut. It’s exactly what I’ve hoped for when I moved me life from Romania to the Middle East. I always go and look back to what expectations I’ve had and where I find myself. Inevitably, every time I did this I had exceeded my expectations. With my early career in law, with traveling around the world, with who I am as a person that I create and polish every day…


Traveled so much the past months that I don’t know when it’s day or night and if I look at my watch and it says 2 it could be AM or PM and I honestly don’t know. To be more precise, I don’t know what season it is and when and where. I go from -15 in Beijing to +30 in Bangkok to 3 in Kyoto to 27 in Saigon to 10 in Beirut to 28 in Perth. From fur jacket to floo floo skirts.

My life and spirit is like the streets of Bangkok and maybe that’s why I love it so much. Bangkok is me. From fucked up places to aristocratic lounges. From prohibited senak peak to the tranquility of the spirituality hubs in the middle of the same crazy city.

I’ve started living an underground life although most of the times I fly high. My double, triple life.






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