February 10th 2016
I realized why fancy, still waters places don’t appeal that much to me. I like the turmoil of the water, the raging waves, it’s darkness, mystery and underworld secret life.
I haven’t even gone through a quarter of this month’s travels and it’s time to request some more for March. What I know is that I’ll return on the 3rd from Osaka – well, nothing is for sure in aviation, but let’s just put it this way. Then I need to be in Vienna before the 6th to meet my mom attending the annual European Congress of Radiology. Man, this Congress is a tradition to me. Since I was in my first years of school, when she used to go by train from a nearby town, always on the run, one time with my dad throwing the suitcase in the train while it was moving. Oh well, great memories. I want to request Barcelona, but there’s on charm in the city without him.
This is an important month to me, a meaningful one. I feel the progress, the moving forward, but I also feel the weight of the past, of the things I cannot or do not want to let go. But I have to…
Everyting is connected and I know it. What’s the odds that he reads a book about the Romanovs and the first article I see in the morning is about Anastasia the only survivor of the family?
Why do I blame him for being so selfish when all I care is my travels, my books, my readings, my lifestyle, my pictures and my experiences, my feelings, my evolution and my journey?
Texting my mom I have some pain. Adding “but at least it came in days off and not when I’m in holiday”. This is how I see my work, holiday. Eternal holiday. And believe me, it’s a very hard job.
Another not so by chance discussion. […] I might become a war photographer one day, not war correspondent as I like to joke sometimes. Or both. I get flashes of instants, bits of conversations and they connect in my mind in less than a few seconds then I feel a heat in my head. Maybe I’m just hungry.
My feelings are uncertain to random people listening to your dreams and hopes and wishes. People who don’t know you. People who are patient with you, don’t seem to judge you and wait until you’ve finished what you have to say. People who you don’t know, yet they make you feel comfortable around them. Who you could speak with forever, about anything. And some people you think you know…
I’m almost here for one year. Wow! This went by fast. Al Shaqab 2016 equestrian event is already coming up. I remember the enthusiasm I followed the participants. I am a wild horse  in my life, a horse in Chinese horoscope and yes, horse means strength and workforce. Arabian horses are the most beautiful and it’s a symbol of my moving to the desert. And my ancestors used to live on horses. It’s in my blood, too.
A while ago, when he probably got fired from the job, a crazy colleague of mine posted online. “From penthouses and world tours to jail cells and court cases.”. Well, I’m exactly the opposite.
It’s past midnight and I listen to Scorpions. They seem to be understanding quite well what i feel. “Always somewhere”, “I wanted to cry”, “Are you the one” and “When you came into my life”. Yes, totally me. Ok, and “Dust in the wind” and “Winds of change”.
Source of pictures: www.google.com


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