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January 26th 2016, flying to Barcelona, Spain

We try to change people. That’s one of our life’s problems and source of disappointment and grief. If you want to change somebody, change yourself.

I’m a lion away from the pride. A lonely horse. I just fly and land with my thoughts and plans in and out of my own world. Luxury for me is being wild and young and free.

A few days ago I met someone that made me think that that is exactly how I don’t want to end up. Today I met someone who has the “I always do it like that” mentality, something that is not foreign to me. So when he – living in Barcelona for longer than my life – asked, I took the risk although it meant ruining my already made plans. And actually he changed his plan to fit my plan too, so let’s see…

Although I am awake for many hours and I flew from Doha to Barcelona I cannot sleep, so I’m again on the top of the hotel, next to the pool. There are around 16 degrees Celsius and the sun is up.




I took him to the museum and he took me somewhere away from Barcelona. We got lost few, actually many, times and I was thinking in life we spend most of our time to get back to the main road.

Over the years I have had periods like this one, when I simply cannot stop partying and the people around me seem in the same mood. Dhaka, Doha, Phuket and now Barcelona, in just one week. It’s fun, but Christmas time is over. However, these memories will last forever. Of course, the ones I remember.

A Romanian saying tells the sum of vices is constant. However, I am addicted. Truly addicted to traveling, but not as a purpose, as a mean. To provoke myself, to expand my limits, to put myself at risk, to uncover myself and discover my depths. To spend time with strangers, to trust them to get help and help them, to do secret charity and accept the kindness of others, to speak people’s language, to lie and pretend, to find what’s real for me, to find meaning and to click with moments, people and a certain scene, to be all, to play fool, to act smart, to take sweet and low decisions, to control myself, to let go…

I travel and travel and travel and my suitcases will not move from the journey corner (North-West). Try it! I suggested it to my cousin and she left for one month to Germany and The Philippines with work. Feng Shui works. Use it!

I missed some museums I planned on visiting, but I gained so much more and this is what is meaningful to me. Not want I should do, but what I end up with from what I actually do.

So we went to see Park Guell.

IMG_4875Driving in Barcelona is crazy and confusing and I would really not recommend it. Barcelona is the city of Gaudi, that’s for sure and Park Guell, entrusted to Antonio Gaudi by Eusebio Guell is one of the most enjoyable places to spend an afternoon and taste the unique art air of Barcelona.


We walked on La Rambla de Poblenou and ate some good beef at La Vida Buena. Like ours right now. Tomorrow I don’t know what is going to happen, but I have a feeling.


Sunset somewhere in Spain…


We had dinner in Barceloneta in the El Rey de la Gamba 2 and went for some more drinks at Makamaka Beach Burger Café. Slept all the way to departure.

I learned how to eat oysters in two ways. Loved the one with beer, tabasco, salt and lemon and I just can’t wait to taste it again. He lied to me and I pretended to not notice.


I missed the interior of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, The Picasso Museum, /casa Milla, The Palace of Catalan Music, The Monserrat and The Dali Museum, but I lived what I like to live – la vida loca, la vida imprevisible, la vida real. Life by the edge, the real life.


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“To provoace myself,to expand my limits …” ?! I like it !! Mongolian inheritance !!




Dap ?! Ai vrut sa zici da, I suppose . Pe islandeza la “da “se zice “iau,iau”. Cu accent pe U. Vikingi YOU know. Numai sa ia, sa nu dea nimic, ca romanii.


“To provoke” am vrut sa zic

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