Arrived from Milan after a 9 hour delay and 6 hour flight. The sunrise is amazing and the moon is on the sky, too.

At least we’re looking at the same moon…

At least we are flying the same skies

…sharing the same view

…swimming in the same thoughts and feelings ocean

…secretly caring for each other, loving each other, mirroring each other, speaking to each other in endless mind conversations

…liking the same small details of this infinite world

…looking at the world from the same angles

…both being sensitive to bits and pieces on the inside and think skin on the outside

…both being sarcastic and subtle

The smart people keep their mouth shut. Apparently, I write a lot on the blog.

I think I haven’t slept at night for ages. Not ages, but months. Yet again I’m back home in the morning, sleep throughout the day and leave in the wide world at night.

Indeed, the places I go to, the speed I move with, the thousands of people I interact with, the newness of everyday, the spontaneity and surprising are filling my life to maximum. I know this is not the real life, but it’s exactly how and who I am as a person, down to my deepest layers. There will be time for real life and it’s not like I’m sacrificing anything.

Good morning again, it’s 6 PM. Let’s get the day started. Another chance to improve, spread the good, find new ways to grow and enhance my skills. What date is it? I don’t know. Day of the week. Haha, I never know, but I don’t care. Gas!

The events have the importance you give them.

I cannot shut my mind it just keeps flying not running to all the corners and drawers of my thoughts. My war with myself.

I’m learning and becoming, through motivation I’m evolving, growing and transforming in millions of ways to get back to the old me with a tiny difference. But a relevant one.

It’s 11:00. Almost midnight. Living the hotel life. World tour!

Just got at the airport and my standby changed to Bali for next month, so let the world tour begin: Beijing – Bangkok – Maldives – Milan – Bali – Ho Chi Min – Osaka. Strong essences are in small bottles. February will be amazing!

Yes, I am motivated. Extremely motivated. And I love my job and I mind my own business. Off to Barcelona from gate D11.




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“Secretly caring of each other…” ?! Daa. Suna frumos. But more secretly curious of each other, I should Say.




Maybe yes,maybe no, maybe rain,maybe snow!!



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