January 19th 2016, waking up at 5:55 PM, getting ready for a short holiday in Phuket.

Having no two piece swimsuit, as I lost my only one in Seychelles. Living the fast life. The amazing, messy life.

Living the life I always wanted, but never knew existed. Not sleeping all night, sleeping all day. Traveling from Bangkok to New York to Kigali to Copenhagen to Singapore in the same month.


The messy life my nomadic soul needs. All gaining purpose. Against all odds. Seeing cultures and people and faves that get stuck in my brain. I’ve changed so much that I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m in my second childhood, learning and discovering the world, recreating myself from bits and pieces.

I am the change I want to see in the world.

If life will ever want to teach me something, it will lock me back in one office. I know this is not the real life, but I like it and it still goes.

I might be so lost, but I find my way every day. It’s been like this for the past 13 years.


January 20th 2016, Mai Khao Beach, Phuket, Thailand

In May 2015, my first month of flying I visited Thailand – once called Siam – for the first time. Bangkok and Phuket. I wrote about my intense experience of the paradise in Phuket. Going to Phuket to gather some more stories and to take pictures with my new haircut.

Although I’m still living the wow, I’m not as crazy as the first months of flying when my heart could explode of excitement any second and I slept barely a few hours to stay late for party and wake up for sunrise. Seeing the sun go up is thrilling, especially from the national park private beach of our hotel. Mai Khao Beach in located in the North West of the island and is quiet and remote.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island – 50km long and 20 km wide.

Thailand is the place I feel most comfortable with. From the crazy streets of Bangkok to the calm beaches of Phuket to the crazy nights in Patong.


We started the night with dinner by the beach. I never miss a tom yum soup and I ask as spicy as possible and they bring fire. Then, I never have chicken or other meat in Thailand when the ocean is right there and fish and seafood is fresh in the literal sense. You get to choose your fish and shrimp from the iced water buckets next to your table.


This is my kind of luxury, being barefoot by the ocean in a hut restaurant, choosing my fresh shrimp and putting it myself in the scale, taking my wine/beer from an ice bucket, buying dragon fruit, delicious mangoes, bananas and rambutan from the ladies who have been doing this their whole life, for the morning.



January 21th 2016, Patong, Phuket, Thailand     

We set up a taxi full of people and leave for Patong. Got drinks from the supermarket along the way, arrived right at the Bangla Walking Road, the straight side of the party.


Patong is a crazy tourist hub, pulsating with life, with tens of clubs and bars and strippers and poles with strippers and merchants and hundreds of people walking and drinking and trying the local attractions, such as Ping Pong Shows or what they call “Fucking shows”.

So, from pole dancers to street food, there are little things you cannot find here. We did some club hopping and walked by the beach. At some point, in the 5th or 6th bar we stopped in, I was wearing the heels of strippers. Get crazy while you’re young. And never change. At 1 AM I was writing that I still got my phone, such an achievement.


Old habits die hard. Ate from the sticks and returned back to the hotel at 6 AM in a big party tuk tuk. After almost 40 hours without sleep, I pass out.

And of course I missed the island trip planned after…2 hours from returning from Patong. Chilled by the pool and swam in the ocean.

IMG_0254Gathered my thoughts and swam more. Thai food. Sleep.


January 22nd, 4 AM, Phuket, Thailand

I slept with my window opened listening to the nature. Woke up and had coffee on my lovely terrace bed in the darkness of the hour before dawn.

My skin has gotten thicker. More resistant to sun and to life bumps. At the end of the day everything can be solved, always remember that.

Arrived home at noon slept until 8 pm. Housekeeping activities – vacuuming the sand from the suitcase brought from Phuket and the sand in the cupboard brought in some shoes from Seychelles.


I’m thinking of the man who knows he’s not strong enough to keep dating me and of the one who loves me after so many years. We are all here, in this adventure called life at different stages of our evolution and his is what makes it such a thrilling adventure.


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“sleeping all day” ?!Have you time for that ?!


Well I was so tired I had to 🙂


“I’m in my second childhood…” Ce-mi place pasajul !!


Cateodata asa simt, alte dati mi se pare. A sunt prea batran…icioasa


“Get crazy while you’re young….” WOW !! lucrez la proiectul asta de o viața !!


Inseamna ca esti forever young

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