Where is Seychelles?

In Africa. In the Indian Ocean, North of Madagascar, East of Kenya and Tanzania. Not far from the Middle East.

How big is Seychelles?

The archipelago has 115 islands, but only three are more important – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Total population 90.000. It is a big village, where everyone knows everyone.

Is it really a fancy place?

Yes, although the nature is the star. It is quite expensive from hotels to transportation to restaurants. As it is normal for an island in the middle of the ocean where everything is shipped from around the world.


When is the best time to visit Seychelles?

April, May, October and November.

These months represent the transition times between the hot and humid northwest trade winds (from November through March) and the cooler southeast trade winds that define April through October. A visit during these shoulder months offers more mild conditions ideal for sunbathing, wildlife watching and scuba diving. No matter when you visit, you’ll encounter temperatures averaging in the 80s. But by frequenting the islands in the spring and fall, you’ll also avoid the heavy tourist crowds that descend on the islands in December, January, July and August.


January 7th, Doha, Qatar

Woke up at 3 AM, got a message saying my flight for the day changed – 11 minutes before pick up. Briefing room 11, bus stand 11. So, Athens (around 10 hours both ways) changed into Kuwait (around 4 hours both ways), I’m finally off.

Changing my mind ten times as usual, from Marrakesh to South of Spain to Amman to Phnom Phen, I finally booked for Seychelles. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring!

So, another me-holiday. Arrived home at 1:30 PM, booked one hour and a half later, packed for 30 minutes, grabbed something to eat, at 6 PM at the airport.


We chose to go to Seychelles via Dubai to travel with Emirates for the very first time. To our surprise, the Qatar flight was on an Airbus 350 and this was also a very first. Beautiful plane, really! Brand new and modern, a lounge in the skies. Some locals travel with their falcons and everybody crams to take photos and videos. There are 5 falcons.

In Dubai Airport I walk until my feet hurt, it’s huge. I cannot connect to the free internet and I fall asleep waiting for the embarkation time. I must say Emirates is amazing and you feel it from the very first time you step into their planes. The colors, the crew, the amenities are great. The entertainment system works perfectly and the music and movies are varied. Crew brought a bag for us with water and some amenity kits.

Dubai-Seychelles. I watch “Spy Games” movie. Sunrise over the ocean. Life is not an ordinary happening. Flashbacks. You have to be a hawk, a worrier, a soldier, a black angel, the cold blood kind. Flashbacks. Beirut. The ugly truth. And still…love.

I listen to Elbow “The Take Off and Landing of Everything”. Yes, that’s pretty much my life now.


January 8th 2016, Jakarta

Although the captain announces the weather is fine, I know there is a thunderstorm – it’s rainy season – and this gets confirmed while we’re on ground.

What I got to know about the weather is Seychelles is that nobody can predict it. Only God. I know it sounds as a cliché, but really, even if it’s rainy season the weather can be wonderful or although the forecasts show good weather it can rain.


If you want to go to Seychelles check if you need a visa, but most probably not. The requirements are to have a hotel reservation, declare the length of stay and to have a return ticket. We said we are crew and last requirement was not necessary upon presenting the company ID. Emirates and Etihad – through their subsidiary Air Seychelles – fly here and there are a lot of their crew coming here to admire the beauty of the islands. Not so many Qatar crew, actually we were some kind of rare animals around. Actually, all young people you see on the island are crew and people know it from far. Why? Probably because it is a very expensive place. Indeed, calculate your budget carefully before you fly there.

I went for a low budget accommodation, but very pleasant and clean, with good view of the ocean. Basic, but in a great location (Beau Vallon), close to many restaurants, right by the beach at a short walk from ATMs, supermarkets or car rental places. As in all my travels.

This place should be called The Green Island. In the middle of the nature, in the middle of the ocean. We’re in the car with a taxi driver we took from the airport. It is not raining anymore now, but the streets are wet. The standard rate is 50 euros (around 700 Seychellois Rupee), but you can negotiate at 600.


The best deal is to rent a car straight from the airport for the length of your stay and drop it off upon departure at the same daily rate of around 45 euros. Besides, there are so many places to see on the island that a car is necessary. Believe me, you will want to stop every second 100 meters to take pictures and admire the scenery, but be careful, the road is very narrow. Very narrow and they drive on the left side, so it might take a while to get used to it. You drive most of the times by deep valleys and there is no protection by the road. But it’s totally worth it, seeing the ocean, waterfalls, the National Park, green all around, silver beaches, palm trees, the turquoise waters, huge blocks of stone by the shore.


In our hotel the Christmas Tree is still dominating the living room used for dining purposes for the host family and breakfast for the guests. I like these cozy places o stay, especially since as cabin crew you live more or less in hotel rooms. Which I enjoy, but I need a break from, every now and then.

The sun, the ocean, the green of the island. My camera and thoughts. Nature, deep and overwhelming. Lucky as usual it is rainy season, but got good weather. Tan and fresh fish. Rum, ice, waves. Sun again, sleeping under the trees on the beach. Thunderstorm and sun again. But I’m not afraid of the storm. I am the storm. The basics in life. The quality of simple life. Amazing start of the year. Priceless. Still walking, still searching, still running, forever learning. Rising, falling, growing.


We’re out on the streets to get used to the surroundings. It’s hot hot and even the cloudy pictures have their charm in Seychelles. By the street, a small lake/wide river was created due to the great amount of rain water. It looks so savage with the palm trees and all this amazing vegetation and the opened Baobab Pizzeria. Yes, there are a lot of Italians visiting the island so you’ll find Italian food everywhere.

There’s hundreds of interesting plants and colorful different flowers and I want to take pictures of all. I changed so much since I’m flying, I became so much more closer to nature, to children.


January 9th, 2015, Seychelles

Woke up with the call of the owner of the guesthouse where we stay to tell us the car is here. We rented it for the day a red Daihatsu with 45 euros per day to drive around the island. It’s past breakfast time, but the nice guest keeps it for us. We take advantage of this occasion to ask her some questions that have been on our minds since we arrived.

So, everything is imported, as we imagined. Beef from Australia and New Zeeland, wine from France, chicken from Argentina. There’s no continuity in supply, so many things you cannot find or they just bring different items, which makes it difficult to find spare parts.


I heard her teach her niece Serbian and indeed, her husband is Serbian. There are many foreigners here and actually a Romanian doctors couple was there as I was preparing for breakfast.

We left off. The road is in great condition, but it’s narrow, steep, circling and rounding at amazing. And the vegetation is simply stunning. I’m writing this after seeing Maldives and let me tell you, you cannot compare it. Maldives is polluted and barely has some palm trees, whereas Seychelles is an island jungle, a mountain island and a national park at the same time. Indeed, the water is clearer in Maldives even without considering that it’s rainy season now.


We stop wherever we want to take pictures of the jungle by the beach by the ocean, with the mountainous green background. The air is so clean.

On one of these beaches which seemed abandoned – it’s just us – I find a wristband saying “time is now”. Another message of the universe.

We arrived in Victoria, the island country’s capital. Called it “fairly unremarkable” by Business Traveller and “laid back” by Food and Travel, we found it the same. Actually, you can’t see much here, except the local market, a Hindu temple and a watch they call “Little Ben”.

The island is safe and nobody will insist with anything, but don’t leave your stuff unattended, they only needed less than 5 minutes to make our bag disappear.

Oh, there’s a local brand called Maki Seychelles which sells cotton apparel with Seychellois prints. By now it’s raining again, but it’s pleasant to walk in this hot rain and weather. We spot beautiful houses on the mountains protecting the area, which are hidden in the green of the forest. There are ministries and agencies around, but they look as small shops.

There are a few very luxurious hotels on the island and Constance Ephelia is one of them. We stopped for a while and admired their private beach and creole style bar.


Now we’re driving through the National Park and the scenery is amazing even though it’s not very sunny. Such a wonderful experience, turning left and right, looking down seeing the ocean and looking up seeing the tunnel created by trees. If you’re into hiking, you can do that, too in Seychelles.

Green and rock. Everywhere you look. Deeply natural. Reflections of the palms in the mirror. The smell of hot rain. Stunning beaches and blue. The curvy dangerous road, seeing down between the palms, the rocks and the waters. Driving in the jungle. Your jungle. Flowers are diverse and you can find them anywhere

Back in Beau Vallon, I am trying to lift a huge rack of bananas, maybe 100. And it’s sunny and it shall stay like this for the rest of our stay.


It’s second night we’re in this restaurant by the pool and ocean and we’re having a delicious seafood soup and I go for the red snapper. Also, I’m trying the Takamaka Bay Rum, produced in Seychelles. And if you ever find yourself on the islands, try the local beer, SeyBrew – at a double to triple price as compared to the imported beer.


January 11th, Seychelles

The sun, the ocean, the green of the island. My camera and thoughts. Nature, deep and overwhelming. Lucky as usual it is rainy season, but got good weather. Tan and fresh fish. Rum, ice, waves. Sun again, sleeping under the trees on the beach. Thunderstorm and sun again. But I’m not afraid of the storm. I am the storm. The basics in life. The quality of simple life. Amazing start of the year. Priceless. Still walking, still searching, still running, forever learning. Rising, falling, growing.

I’ve recharged in the sun, watched the crabs crawl on the white sand.


January 12th, Abu Dhabi, UAE

How do you follow someone who is always somewhere else? P.S.: Really impressed by Air Seychelles crew service and uniforms and the extra attention shown to us with magazines and Champagne from Business Class. Another lesson learned: Walk the extra mile. It’s never crowded. Currently stuck in Abu Dhabi, but this is Mercury Retrograde’s job.


What else you would want to know about your trip in Seychelles?

Internet might be a problem, it’s rarely available and it’s for free only at the airport for one hour. However, you can buy cards with access codes for around $8-10 which work for one hour on one device.

The magazines advertise offers between 4000 and 10000 pounds per person for a trip between 7 to 10 days, but you can obtain a far better price if you organize your own trip.

There is no police monitoring over the roads and no patrolling after dark.

The island has serious issues with drug abuse and alcoholism.

If you’re interested, you can surf in the South, next to the Banyan Tree Hotel, the only hotel in the area, where all the rooms have their own pool.

It is relatively small island and everybody knows everybody. As our driver said: “Nothing changes, only the wind.”


Later that day, Doha, Qatar

Diary of my parallel lives. How many? I don’t even know.

“Cause what if I never love again?

I don’t need your honesty, it’s already in your eyes and I’m sure my eyes they speak for me.

Don’t get me wrong I know – how many times have I said this. Purposelessly – there is no tomorrow I know.”


I flew from Seychelles back home (stop asking which one, there is only Doha, actually at any given time home is where I sleep more or where I lay my head) with Air Seychelles to Abu Dhabi and from there with Etihad. Arrived in the middle of the night. Listened to Adele. She’s too sad, but I’m a melancholic person. Just cannot listen to happy music on the plane. My taste is simple, basic and clear. I listened to Mariah Carey No. 1s a whole Doha – New York flight and alternated only with Celine Dion. After 3 months, when I flew to Buenos Aires I listened to the same two only to alternate them.

Well, I listened to “All I Ask” by Adele the whole way from Seychelles to Abu Dhabi. Obviously the song is not on youtube except for some covers, but this song is me. My spirit. Dual, melancholic, sad and full of strength. Alive, realistic. Crushing. Emotion provoking. Interrogative and with scenarios imagining. My kind of song. Interrogative and heartbreaking. Let this be our lesson in love…

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/IRXoLDPddkU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

I’m the kind of girl who booked a ticket for a movie and by the time the movie started she was in the plane, moving to another country with two suitcases only. Expect anything from me.




I am the storm
MA intreb cu cine semeni stormy? Tåtarii ?! It’s make sens. Romanii It’s make sens too. Maybe with both ?!


Tatarii si ibastenii 🙂

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