December 28th 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland

Don’t take garbage with you in the New Year. We tend to hang on to our unhappiness and it’s hard to let go because it’s ours, right? … but at the end of the day, if we learn something from it,  we should be thankful for being given the chance to evolve. I still lead the crazy month, expanding my limits everyday more and more.

I work on myself, on my foundation. Empower myself, strengthen myself. I’m moving up, I’m growing. It’s hard, but I don’t need anyone to pull me down.

Few hours later…


We arrived at the hotel and I think my mom needs to arrive a little later, but she’s already here and I feel so happy. I have a cold and I think I have fever, but I would have never called sick for this flight. My suitcase is full of gifts for here and, as I got to find out later, hers is full of gifts for me. Besides I had an assessment, so, here I am.


It’s December cold, but I brought thick clothes and I’m ready to go out in this fairy tales city. Literally, the city looks as a story and you’d expect kings and queens and witches and princesses to appear from anywhere, the castle is already there and the atmosphere, especially now, after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve is of a beautiful story.

We’re going up Market Street to see the castle – Edinburgh Castle – dominating the skies of the city and the city itself. The Christmas Market lights are shining in the dusk and it heats our frozen smiles. Mysterious stairs lead to castle looking huge mansions or to stores and hotels. The trees are leafless, yet the climbing plants around their bodies are still green. Looks like witchery books. Maybe not by chance.


My mom is so pretty with her furry coat and happy to be with the lion cub – me, of course. The rocks of the buildings are mossy. In front of the great wheel in the Christmas Market we see the columns of the Scottish National Gallery. Wrought iron gates and stone buildings. Moss and leafless trees. Spooky and cold!

Scotch and whiskey tasting invitations all around the Castle. We skipped the visit of the castle as the shortest was two and a half hours and it’s freezing.

On the Castle I see “Nemo me impune lacessit”, a Latin motto of the Royal Stuart dynasty of Scotland, meaning No one can harm me unpunished.


At the bottom of the hill of the castle, Kick Ass Café. Some contrasting glass office buildings.

A lot of cashmere stores and adorable shops. Really, every corner of the city looks as the decoration of a movie filmed long ago, in a magical world, away from reality.

There’s so many things you can do in Edinburgh, this mysterious and attractive place. You can choose a book lovers’ tour or ride Edinburgh Necrobus – black of course, to take a ride to the dark side.


We stopped in Deacon Brodie’s Tavern – The Original Gin Palace (142 years of Botanical Heritage), a place I really recommend for the variety of gin they have and the great food and ambiance. The legend says he was an official by day and a burglar by night. On the menu it says – A story in every bottle. We tried Hendrik’s Gin 41.4% – made of 11 botanicals, with infusions of cucumber and rose petals. Wow, very tasty since I’m not a gin fan. Other aromas include juniper berries, lavender, chamomile, citrus, honey etc. I don’t know the name of what I ate, but if I was in Buenos Aires I would call it osobuco. So, meat on the bone.


Narrow cricked covered walkways give access to some apartments or to the other streets. It’s night and we’re walking the streets of Edinburgh for a few more hours to admire the wonderful buildings and Christmas decorations.

Seeing the world is a great opportunity, but seeing it together with your mom is priceless!


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Tare!! Lucky you. Pt ca ai posibilitatea sa calatoresti cu mami. EU calatoresc numai cu stranger. Ma bucur si pt asta. Altii se duc numai la bulgari.


Da, de abia astept, in 2 zile, o intalnesc in Seul.

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