December 17th 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

Hello everyone, it’s my second time in the city. Read about my other experience and what I did in this wonderful city: City Break in Stockholm


This time it’s raining, but Christmas is just around the corner, so the atmosphere is quite cozy in the design lobby of this airport hotel. And when I say airport I mean, inside the airport. However, it is one of the most attention to detail oriented of the ones I’ve stayed in. I like the very modern fireplace in the lobby and the Christmas tree decorations and I love the way they write “have a good day” on the paper in the room, “you look good in this” on the hangers, “you look great” on the mirror, “let me help you” on the shoe mart.

We’re off to the city and since it’s Thursday (it is applicable for the rest of the weekend, too) you get 3 return tickets for $95 with the speed train to the city, which normally costs $60 for one return ticket.

We know it’s raining, but what can keep us in the hotel?


We walk in Gamla Stan and I think it started snowing a little bit. I’m wearing a dress looking coat and a colorful huge scarf which I wear as a hijab and a matching umbrella.

This is the home of design and I stop at each window to admire the Christmas decorations, then I enter the Nobel Museum. If you are around, don’t forget to hop in. Then you can try the absolutely magical cocktail bar across the square and one of the very old restaurants.


After we had one hot drink – Swedish Glogg (spiced wine) – with some heart shaped cookies, we entered a small, but chic restaurant called Restaurang Kaffegillet. I wanted to try the Swedish reindeer roast with game sauce and I did together with a very dry glass of red wine. The waiter was so playful and enjoyed our jokes.

Every small corner of window, every porch and step is decorated in the most artsy way.

The Mora Horse or Dala Horse is present everywhere and I bought a red one with some decorations, too. Be careful where you put it, it is said to represent a man. However, I’m a horse in the Chinese horoscope. Well, this horse is the symbol of Sweden and you can literally find any item with the happy design horses, from mugs to tiny as a pinky finger nail magnets.

It’s cold and dark, but the light of the sky lightens the night. Enough to take bright pictures of city’s famous city hall.


On the list for this visit is the Ice Hotel, one of the top destinations worldwide, where the rooms are made of ice and they also have a freezing ice bar – IceBar by IceHotel. They say it’s -7 degrees in there, but it feels -30 although you get a thick fury cape on top of whatever you might wear and thick gloves. There is an entrance fee and it includes one square shaped ice glass and one drink. Don’t miss this experience, but don’t stay long – like you could, haha. I told the guys at the entrance that it should be free and then they should charge for whoever wants to go out. They’d be making double for sure.




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be careful the spiced swedish gløgg(Scandinavian actulally) is very aphrodisiatic. Only the spiced one.You can find not spiced gløgg too.


It was nice anyway :!

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