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December 3rd 2015, Milan, Italy

Normally I wished each of my visits lasted more, but this time in Milan was just perfect. Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!

The Month of December is here, cheers to that! Therefore –  1. It’s cold 2. Christmas is coming 3. It’s the end of the year.

What does this mean? Well, first of all, I need to show my new animal print winter jacket Milan, I need to receive presents – even if I buy it myself, it’s time for evaluation. Wow, this is too serious.

I’m in Milan Cadorna heading to the Dome. It’s cold and not even my fur hat helps. But it looks good in the pictures. As we’re walking, I remain last taking pictures here and there. A guy with a huge camera and tripod stops me and asks me in a bad English to let him take a picture of me taking a picture of the building. “I’m from La Reppublica”. Are you kidding me? I knew animal print was for the day.


I used this first day as leisure and introduction to the city. I saw the Dome a little by day, I took pictures with the pigeons, enjoyed the atmosphere by the Swarovski Christmas Tree in the Vittorio Emanuele Galleria, admired its marble and mosaic design floors,

IMG_2471spent some time in the The Rizzoli Library,

IMG_2507ate some true Italian food in the Galleria, talked about important and unimportant things, sipped a glass of Pinot Grigio, looked at The Scala, forgot my fur hat in the restaurant and didn’t bother to return for it. Why? Well, I found it in a restaurant, one of the most beautiful in Bucharest, a landmark of the city and an architectural monument recently refurbished, way after closing time and I thought this was a sort of karma of fur hats.

December 4th 2015, Milan, Italy

I missed the first train by minutes, but it’s fine, I’m just looking at this art gallery in the airport. On the train I make my plan for the day – The Dome full visit,


The Leonardo Museum, The Pavarotti Restaurant, and Highline Galleria. It’s going to be a full day.

The fog in the woods around Milan is scary and reminds me of horror movie The Diary of Emily Rose, but thank God I am in a fast moving train taking me to the center of the city. It’s my first time in Milan and today is my exploring day since yesterday I was in the mood for The Dome by night, dinner and the amazing bookstore in the Galleria.

I feel lovely and sexy in my knee long animal print dress, long boots and my fur vest. I had a fur hat, but I forgot it in the lovely restaurant where we ate yesterday and although it was only 10 minutes ago I decided not to go back after it. Why? Well, I found it in a restaurant and I believe in the ‘destiny’ of things or the so called sacrifice call that things, our things, carrying our energies, go through.


When in the downtown I lost myself on the narrow streets, by cozy small hotels, chic cafés and local stores. Sometimes I do this loose-myself game in different cities to see where the energies take me, to see what I attract and what attracts me. At some point I arrived in a square, right next to Teatro alla Scala. Yes, music attracts me. Art generally.

I spend over one hour taking pictures of the details of the façade of the Dome. I wanted to take a picture from far away of the Dome, but they had just brought the Christmas tree and were fixing it with some cranes. Christmas spirit is everywhere and yes, it’s cold!

First stop of the day, as planned, Leonardo3 – The world of Leonardo da Vinci – Il mondo di Leonardo (entrance from Piazza della Scala in the Galleria, until December 31st 2016).

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the best inventors that the world ever had, besides being one of the most impressive painters of history. Born in 1452, he had 17 brothers and his father was a lawyer. When very young he was taught by Verrocchio. Throughout his life he had love of knowledge, wanted to learn and explore and scored records of experiments and observations. Also, he was left handed and had a passion for birds and flying machines, water and air and movement and how they can be used for different practical purposes. After painting Mona Lisa he took it everywhere he moved with him. Passionate about  aerodynamics – how birds fly and flying machines for people, parachutes, wings and gliders. Studied how the moon controls tides.

The models I liked the most were inevitably connected to flying: Mechanical lion, Flying bird, Code of flight, Mechanical Dragonfly.

Remember my fur hat forgotten a night before in the restaurant? The one which I did not bother to go back for. Well, it was so cold today, that I just stepped in and took it.

An adorable Swarovski Christmas Tree is in the middle of the Galleria. It’s mind blowing to see the Christmas lights in Milan, Buenos Aires, Manila, Montevideo, Barcelona, Manchester, Stockholm, Edinburgh and Copenhagen. In the same month.


For years I saw pictures of tourists of Milan, with the traditional picture in front of the Dome. Never have I seen its interior. I have a bunch of friends who go regularly to Milan for shopping, but never said anything particular about the Dome. Well, Milan’s Gothic Duomo is one of the world’s largest cathedrals, with an exterior topped with 135 marble spires and adorned with 2,245 marble statues and with an amazing interior and breathtaking views from the rooftop.


The feeling when stepping inside the cathedral was simply breathtaking. It is the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen. Simply breathtaking!


If you are passionate about high up places/roof views/roof tops etc. you should not miss a climb to the top of the cathedral. You can either take the steps or the elevator – I chose the steps to get some heat – to see the statues from close, the city down and the other details of the nearby buildings which you cannot spot from the ground level. It is, from my point of view, the most beautiful place in Milan and if you only have two hours in the city, that’s what you should do.


Just as a side note, always take care of your belongings and be aware of your surroundings.

Then, I climbed on the Highline Galleria (from Silvio Pellico Street, which is actually a small alley – just ask around where the entrance is) but on the way I got hungry so I stopped at the Pavarotti Restaurant.

IMG_9372This is actually a museum restaurant and it’s quite cozy. They don’t have a lot of options, but what I had was enough and very tasty. Service was almost fine.

The walk above the Galleria is interesting and you can get some nice pictures, but it is not something truly amazing, yet worth doing once in a lifetime.


Let’s get this straight. I’m a museum, library and books type of girl and I don’t miss any important one in the cities I visit. But I’m also a fine dining and wine and drinks girl and I don’t miss that either. Actually my favorite receipt is on museum, let’s say, one nice restaurant, library, prosecco in rooftop bar, royal palace, wine in small hidden bar. So I search and follow the restaurants and bars in the cities where I go. I just found out I’m going to Milan in January also, so next times I want to try Duomo 21 – with views to the Dome, Camparino in Galleria – the place that gave birth to the Milanese aperitivo, Terrazza 12 – somewhere behind the Dome in The Brian&Barry Building in San Babila, Just Cavalli Café – Branca Tower.

Of course I will not miss a visit at Castello Sforzeso in the Sempione Park, Palazzo della Ragione Fotografia, Museo del Novecento and Palazzo Reale. Oh, I’m with the map of Milan in front of me and I’m delighted to start to know the areas, the neighborhoods, the places…Priceless!

Hey, waw! This was a full day. I got to see the Milan Dome from outside, inside, the top, the Vittorio Emanuelle Galleries. Them ate the best beef in the Pavarotti Museum Restaurant and visited The Leonardo Museum in the same area. Saw the Scala Theater and tasted a local sparkling drink called Galvanina. There’s still so much I want to do in Milan and the top of the list is, as expected by many, a show at The Scala (Teatro alla Scala).


Thought often about the lack of synchronization between my age and my experience and about the presentation of the book I will once write: “A book written in hotels, on buses, trains, between flights, during standbys, in the airport”.

Felt the cold, watched the city skyline between the fog blurring and practiced my new lover/camera on the details of the all-looking-like-museums facades of the city buildings. Thought about the future and seeing it as my present – moving and evolving.




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“Sometimes I do this loose- myself game” ?! Wow, interessant. Eu intru in panicå.


Nu trebuie. Totul cu masura


“But I’am also a fine dinning and wine…” Wow iti permiti si luxul asta. Wow.God bless you !! Alleluia !!


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