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I prepare for each of my travels well ahead of time, but that’s nothing new. Being my third time in Bangkok, I have seen most of the cultural attractions, so I’m concentrating this time on nightlife, especially since I will be there for almost three days. And Bangkok is a master of the night.


First we eat some local food at a restaurant in MBK and I finally try the mango sticky rice and to my surprise I love it. I’m that kind of person that does not like the sweet sour food association, but this is really good. At MBK they put the streets of Bangkok into a mall.

IMG_7771It’s pouring, but amazingly hot, as usual. And humid. We take the tuk-tuk.

They changed the flower arrangements at the hotel.

The plan is to see all the rooftops in Bangkok and although it is not easy, I am sure I’m getting there. Last time I went to the Baiyoke Tower and now I’m starting the night with the Vertigo and Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel.

IMG_7821The bar, the view, the sunset, the service and the cocktails are amazing, next time I should try the restaurant which is in a different area of the same rooftop.

Finally, second night it’s time for Khao San Road, one of my kind of places. What is it that you cannot do here? There are restaurants, shops, massage places, travesty dancers, Long Island by bucket, foot massage in the street, tattoo places, weird food, liquid ice cream I guess?, scorpions and bugs to eat, fake alcohol, funny T-shirts, drunk people, drugs, animals to take photos with, people from all over the world coming to get crazy and have the fun of their life. Just like me.


P.S.: After this layover I am minus one iPhone. :). No, nobody stole it.











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Layover for what ? Pt Masaj sau tatuaj ?

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