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The music is loud and we’re driving fast and the seagulls are racing us in their flight. Table mountain is in the left and the sunlight is orange. We’re gaining altitude and the mountains stay behind looking like growing from a fog lake. University of Cape Town’s Columns stay up on the mountain background. The scenery is contrasting pines and palms against the baby blue sky. I see mountains with peaks and Table Mountain. New neighborhoods of flat houses with big windows appear on the Cape Town hills. The perfect playlist of our Indian supervisor is playing and in the van I am there are 8 nationalities. Small trees are covering the rocky hills by the road, looking like fat huge green broccoli. We stopped on the side of the street going up to the “peak” of Table Mountain. The view is breathless and Hey there Delilah, one of my all-time favorite songs is playing in the car. This feeling of being here now with this view, next to the ocean, at the end of the world, here in Africa is pretty intense.    DSCN6938 We are climbing the many stairs that lead to the Historical Lighthouse at Cape Point, admiring the blue of the sky and the sun. There are signs saying Baboons are dangerous wild animals. They don’t tell you this for liars, wicked, bad intentioned people. Or, in a funny tone if baboons are dangerous because they are hungry, I am the same when I am hungry. South Africa gives me peace of mind. I loved it since my first time here.


IMG_6800  IMG_6809     IMG_6879 IMG_6890  IMG_6894  Probably the most expected part of the day was visiting the Cape of Good Hope, once called Storms Cape, one thought to be the place where the oceans meet, the southern tip of Africa. For me, as I remember it from my geography classes this is where the world ends. DSCN6963 DSCN6967  DSCN6973 DSCN6975 As we are driving on the road by the edge of the cliffs, we are all staring at the best view I have ever seen. Cape Town and this area of the world are simply great.  IMG_6981

We go by cable car up to the top of Table Mountain. I have said it before, I thought there is nothing more dull than a mountain…without a peak. How wrong I was. The view of the city up here is amazing, the cable car is revolving and the when you reach the top you literally walk on top of the clouds. I know, I should be used to seeing the clouds from above, but Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa is really a magnificent place. Besides, animals are walking through your feet, like this adorable and friendly dasie who was willing to eat anything from our hands if we would have not been scared.

By the time of dusk, all ten of our group were tired and in the van some were sleeping, others were just resting their eyes, thinking far away or at nothing at all.


Sometimes I wonder if your voice gets heard strong only when you’re transmitting the right message. I was looking out the window, like always when I travel thinking of today, of how lucky I am to have lived this, too. Then I cuddled to the person next to me and stayed there looking out the window until we arrived home. Because home is “wherever I lie my head” now.


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“Home is wherever I lie my head ” Asa e !! Pt cei tari !!

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