April 29th 2015, Doha, Qatar

Today I had my first flight and everything ran smoothly. I learned a lot, I was given many hands by my colleagues who were patient enough to explain me around, I was fast as an old snail and then advanced to slow as a snail. I spilled juice on the floor and made mistakes. I also did very good on many procedures you are only assigned after a while of flying and I am proud of that. I offered to do everything avoids and accepted all that was suggested.

What I learned is that attitude is the most important, whether you do or don’t so something, whether you know or not know an answer, the way you carry yourself is defining you in front of others. Especially in the aviation world where you work with somebody for a few hours, you have to act as a team, but then you probably never see them again. Yet, the world out there is quite small. Especially, when you fly around the globe sometimes in one week. Hence, the impression they make of you is forever. And sometimes, these persons you get to meet after many years in the place you least expect. In my short quarter century’s  life experience I learned this, sometimes the hard way.

There is one instructor I had during training who taught us many things about airplanes, but that anyone can do. Most important, what I learned from him was: to be always polite, to accept feedback and thank for it, don’t argue over it or answer back even if you are right, attitude matters most, a lost opportunity is never coming back and you should not waste it, don’t destroy years or hard work for small stupid things, don’t speak too much personal stuff, have fun, be humble.

Some of these teachings he never pronounced, but how one acts says more than a thousand words and the lesson is there for whoever is willing to “listen”.

If there is something I love, it is reading between the lines and seeing what is not there to see.


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