March 22nd 2015, Doha, Qatar

This morning I woke up and I open the windows to breathe the desert rain air. While sipping my strong coffee I put on my make up in my long sleeved, male cut, white shirt. 

It is raining for a few hours and desert people seem to be quite bothered by the unexpected phenomenon. Huge puddles are created as there is no sewage. What for? We ride in the chaotic traffic. My melancholy mode gets activated from Purple Rain‘s notes.
One afternoon later it is still raining and I study Arabic and airplanes stuff while drinking Coke Zero and eating KitKat, as usual.
It is raining in Doha, my favorite season. Tear drops wipe the sand of desert and dust of the newly built city. I am getting my residence permit tomorrow and my first (observation) flights were assigned.


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