Yesterday I received hundreds of messages and encouragements after I posted the following message:

“In November 2014, after about 5000 hours of working and studying, around 150 court hearings, a Final Bar Exam comprised of drafting of 40 papers on 8 different subjects (around 350 pages in my case), 8 oral exams of the same 8 subjects, a written exam out of 5 subjects. A LLM on International Arbitration taught in English and a dissertation thesis, therefore a lot of working and studying I became, this time, the youngest final lawyer in Romania. This success marks the end of an important period of my evolution, namely the traineeship in the lawyering profession and the beginning of a new destination. Or should I say destinations?”

Today, I had a wonderful surprise when my announcemet was posted in the local newspaper. I am retiring in glory.


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