I am as individualist as one can be.
After finding myself in a moment where I feel I am not growing anymore, after proving everybody, especially myself, that I can hustle in the cold legal world, I decided there has to be only me, myself and I. So I shall change everything.
The country (I love) I live in, the profession (I carry a huge respect for), the religious surrounding (I am going where my religion is the law and the law is the religion), the language, the way of living, the way of work, the environment, the robe, the attitude.
But there is a little more to wait and meanwhile I continue to work as an attorney. However, I have decided. No more endless overtime hours. No more 5 years in a row vacation spent on exams, specializations, summer schools, seminars, Bar exams, professional papers or anything alike.
I was this close to embarking for a 4 years full time Ph.D in Florence. No. No. No. I want to be free, to truly think freely and truly explore the world, see the good and the bad, the moral and the immoral, the ugly and the high, limit situations, oceans and palm trees, opera concerts around the world, tuc-tucs and pineapple stands on the streets… I want to see everything, to live, to experience, to be.

I arrived yesterday in my hometown for Christmas break and my plan is to do only what I want (this includes useful stuff also), throw away everything redundant, pack my summer things (where I shall live the temperature is as high as 50 degrees), cry over the furs I have to leave home, arrange my huge (gathered in more than 10 years) fashion magazines collection, eat, visit my father’s grave, relax, put order in my life, evaluate 2014 and make absolutely no plans for 2015.

Tonight I ate omelette made by my mom at 11.30 pm and then we laughed and read magazines by the Christmas tree. That’s happiness!


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