December 16th 2014, Bucharest, Romania

I have said it before, I believe in destiny.

The Junior Lawyer is now a Fully Qualified Lawyer and is prepared a huge change in her life. She does not care what the others think, she does not bother to please them, she is not depressed, sad, or anything else that makes you dramatically change your life.

3 and a half months ago…

She couldn’t stand her job at all. Every day she waited for the other and the other and the weekend. She had a card she changed every week counting the weeks until the study holiday she was going to take in order to pass her final Bar exams. 9 of them plus about 350 pages to write.

2 months ago…

She was finally in the long expected holiday, with about 5000 pages to study and 350 to write in a field she started to be irritated with. Maybe she did not hate it, but rebellious as she was, the simple feeling that she “had to” do something was killing her. And she had to become a final lawyer.

Why? Because

– she was not a quitter and quitting meant losing everything and she had been working [too hard] on this for the past 6 years

– it was going to be plan B forever, as one of her friends said, because once you pass the final bar exam, this capacity stays with you forever

– she thought of it as of it an husband she once used to love; now only a little respect remained, but that is not enough

– she did not know what else to do, this was her job and she had no alternative whatsoever; moving to another law firm was not an option because the law firm was not the problem and all big law firms are, in the end, the same…

1 month ago, November 3rd…

Just three days before the deadline for the essays (8 subjects, about 350 pages) she was at the Intercontinental together with about 300 or more girls. But her destiny was not in Abu Dhabi…

10 days ago, December 6th

She had passed 8 oral exams at 8 different law subjects and now she had 4 days off before the final written exam of 5 subjects.

Just 3 days beofre the exam she arrived at the Radisson and opened the door while another girl was interviewed. She was told to wait. Then she entered and handed her CV and photograph. She spoke nicely, but she was nervous and she did not know why. She was asked about her language abilities and she started: Romanian, English, Spanish, reading French and Italian, a little Arabic, studied Russian and Japanese. She had made this selection and received her confidential invitation letter for the following day…

The letter said that waiting moments shall occur and bringing something to read was possible. Well…she came with the Law regulating the attorney profession and the Professional statute to which she stapled white paper – double – and she erased the title from the root.

After the interview she was exhausted. She went home to sleep and the following day could not remember if it was true or not. Even so, the exam was the next day…


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