This post goes back to my past. A past that was happy, free, lively and fulfilling. When I met new people everyday, when I walked all day and all night from place to place, adding to my experience. I met all kinds of people in an amazing contrast.

Today fell the first snow of this year. I hate it, I could not find a taxi, I worked late and did not finish a tenth of my workload, I did not sleep well, I could not go to the LLM courses, didn’t attend the Vis Moot meeting. I am disappointed and I grumpy. It is, probably, what you would call a bad day. I am also dieting for a week.

One of my former high school class mates is now the vocalist of a quite good band, the son of a known singer. He was always passionate about music and I am happy he could find his own special vocation. A law school colleague also started singing and last Friday I attended her first concert. Another one started Drama School. Today is the day I envy them and I am thinking it I wasn’t happier in another profession. If I have one regret that is that I do not have a singing voice and sing Romanian old traditional songs.



There were wrongful people in my life telling me to study, not to quit, who showed me the path of law when they were living a life in contradiction of law, who sometimes advised me in my career. Other people I would mix with knew what I can, but tried to hide it even to myself that I could become someone, besides my family background. Those persons kissed my hand after I became a lawyer and said <You have all my respect>. This song reminds me of this contradiction that followed and follows all my years, my experiences, my inside.

At some moment you might step into a room, meet some people, walk down some streets. You think it is mere happening and that is just how life goes. Time passes and everything comes back. In a second. Of course, upgraded.

People who looked at me like as a kid are now my clients or my opponents, sometimes I facilitate their business. Others say I am insignificant and then I see they fear me, even though all I do is my job.

Sometimes we have moments when we feel down, when we feel everything is worthless. Bad moments inevitably come, what is important is how we get over them. I propose professionalism and elegance. I had such a moment today, but I went over it with the keys of my life: mom, friends and my biggest passion (hobby).

Life is beautiful!


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