The disease of the century and probably the disease of the centuries to come, unless some magical formula is discovered, is the lack of time. Time shrank, or at least this is what experts say, so what would be the cure for this virus?

Efficiency, a concept we often talk about, but never really analyze it, never try to apply it to our own lifestyle, to make efficiency work in a tailored manner for our everyday activities, to increase it.


Because efficiency means doing things differently and our brain does not like that as it is used to its “walked” paths. If we would only changed small (very important for the beginning; having big plans and expectancy from the beginning might make one quit at some moment; not because you are a quitter, but because of how our brain is built) habits, we would enjoy a lot more our free time, as we would actually have some.

There are tones of books on this topic, but I do not believe in an universal receipt for everyone, so I find reading this books a waste of time (isn’t that contradictory?), just another way of procrastination. Actually, I know for sure one of these books states expressly this idea that if one is reading it, for sure that person is procrastinating doing something at the moment.

I myself procrastinated for years and years, I wasted precious hours and whole months of my life, but I knew I was not like that. Still, why?

1.      First principle, find your motivation

After you find your motivation there will be a couple of years to de-use your brain with all its bad habits (speaking of which I remembered of an article I read) from the complete procrastination area. I am not talking about procrastination when taking the garbage, but when reaching you supreme goal, the goal of your life, of making you life become the one you have dreamt of.

Then, at one point you will not be satisfied anymore of what you do and especially how you do it. That is the moment when you start thinking of efficiency.

What do I do to make my work more efficient? First of all, I am not claiming to be a model of efficiency. Not by far, but I have identified the tips that work for me. I am in a period of my life when, honestly, I do not procrastinate and I doo every since thing I can to know more, to become better, to evolve and I am trying to immortalize this moment.

2.      Order, order and again order

Start making order in your life, order is the most important ingredient of efficiency.

3. Finish what you have started! This is the aspect I am struggling with most, but I am continuously fighting.
4. Realize which your minuses are and keep in mind you have them and also what you should do. Do not be tempted by what you are tempted to do!
5. Do not forget to catch up with your sleeping schedule and to eat well (no fast food, especially during 18 hours work days).
6. When you do something, do it well! It is such a proof of awareness, of responsibility, of respect to your employer, to your country and especially to yourself.
7. Have a list of short term, medium term and long term goals! Update it as time flies, but try to be consistent.
8. Recycle! You save the planet and besides you always have at hand a piece of paper. Have recycled paper close to your desk and every time you have an idea, write it down: ideas, thoughts, tasks to do, things to remember. We have around 60,000 thoughts everyday. Why waste them?
9. Be a learning sponge! Any information might be useful at any time, any language might help you get the job of your dreams sometime, any field of law might bring unexpected rewards.
10. Evaluate! From time to time, think what you can do better, faster, more efficient and feel free to quarrel yourself.
11. Keep all your emails in folders by topic. Have one hour a week to answer emails, if you do not answer in a few days, you will never answer.
12. Read everything/anything! It keeps your brain alive, builds general knowledge, makes connections between concepts.
13. Love your career and build it beautifully step by step! Yet, always have a backup plan (see points 9 and 12).
14. Remember to relax! Go to a show, to a concert, to the theater, drink a glass of wine, take a walk in the park, visit museums, meet with friends.
15. Always have something to study with you! The conditions of torts, world capitals, Chinese emperors, history highlights, it does not matter. Make cards with what you want to learn and keep them in your bag. Pull them out in the bus, when waiting in line at the bank, in the lunch break.
16. Repeat! It you want to know something, repeat it over and over again, if you want to have something, insist and work over and over again.


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