As the last book I read, Farah Pahlavi – Memoirs, I have had this book in the library for some years and I had started reading it before.

The existence of a group deciding the majors events of the humanity, the conspiracy theory and the rest of subjects in the same category have fascinated since the school years. Maybe because in the Memoirs, Farah Pahlavi refers a few times to Henry Kissinger as a friend of the royal family and also as the one who intervened for them during the exile period to be welcomed in Mexico, in times when no country in the world would receive them and the visa in Bahamas was going to expire in only three weeks. (I just finished reading this book and I fell like starting over).

Maybe because Etienne Davignon just caused major rumors after his visit in Romania.

I found the book repetitive and lacking substance. Even so, it refers to major events of the contemporaneous era on which I decided to research.

Why? Because I do not borrow other people’s opinions. Because I read both views and then crystallize my own.

So, where do I start. First source, Henry Kissinger – The Diplomacy, the book of the most blamed and challenged figure in The Bilderberg Club.

My bookmark, the handwritten note from a former judge at the International Court of Justice.


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