October 25th 2013, Bucharest, Romania 

It is Friday night and I started writing. The only regret of this week was that I did not have one single minute to sit down, gather my thoughts and write. This past week was crazy. I cannot appreciate if it passed slowly or very fast, I just feel unable to temporize it. Is it Friday?

After a trip to my hometown to attend at a wedding, I arrive at 2 am in Bucharest. The alarm rang at 6 am and at 7 I was meeting the driver who was going to take me to the court outside Bucharest.

The first trial of the week was at a court I had never been before and where I met our law school former students representative, whom I congratulated for passing the Bar exam just a few days before. Apparently, he was already in front line, too. In the afternoon I attended the Legal Order courses.

Tuesday I spent about 7-8 hours in court, then went the office, sent final written statements at the last moment for a rendering that was scheduled for the following day, read the materials for the afternoon courses and then went to class. Filatiga Case seemed quite interesting and the group discussions and presentations helpful. It was 8 pm and I went 3 floors up in the interbelic building of the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, for the weekly meeting of the Willem C. Vis Moot team. I had started the day at 7 am and it was about 12:30 am when I returned home.

I cannot remember anything of Wednesday, other than that I was at the nails salon when my boss called – it was about 9:30 pm – to ask me to attend a conference the following day. I could not get a more pleasant task, so Thursday, a few minutes before 9 am I was in the most beautiful room of the Law Faculty building, surrounded by reputable professors from Bucharest and also all the country, guests from France, especially Sorbonne, Czech Republic, Moldavia etc. Le colloque international “Le nouveau Cod Civile roumain: Vu de l’interieur – Vu de l’exterieur” is the name of the conference and is the event of the end of the year in the legal field in Romania.

At night, I made time to finish reading an absolutely impressing book – Memoirs of Farah Patlavi – about the way of the author from the neighborhoods of Teheran to the royal palace to a painful exile, a book that made my tears fall, but also which taught me I have to be tough.

8 am, Friday. I arrive at another court in Bucharest, it seems quiet around, I manage to leave early. It is quite cold, but I walk to work and I feel as if it is weekend already. 6 am, I am still in the court files distribution meeting and counting 7 for next week on my agenda. While listening to the commentaries on others’ files I schedule the weekend musts: Arabic homework – Friday night, 12 pm Saturday – Arabic class, 3 pm – group study with LLM colleagues, meeting with a friend moving to Bucharest from my hometown, on her way back from India, coming from Geneva, meeting my cousin who is going to take the physician profession admittance exam soon, household activities, writing essay due Wednesday, sleep, remember it’s weekend.

Meanwhile I get an invitation to the grand reopening of a friends club, a collection launch – of a dear friend. So socially active in the first part of the year, lately I have not even drank a coffee downtown.

No doubt, my schedule is crazy. Even so, I realize I am protected. I quit the idea of participating to the Hague Academy next year, considering the final lawyer exam I will take in late autumn of 2014. Today I reconsidered. Registration starts in a week.


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