October 5th 2013, Bucharest, Romania

I think I am on that ascending trend, that I will try to get rid of in a few hours, when I try to control all my time, to use each movement for something useful for myself, for my future, when I am terrified of losing any opportunity or of stopping my evolution with even few kilometers per hour.

It is also the moment of great sacrifices for career, meaning less time with friends (to none), less sleep, less leisure travel. Actually, in the last three years – consider that I graduated last year –  I took holiday only for career purposes only. I went on leisure holidays during the weekends or for few days.

This is because I was never a patient person. I insisted to go to school when I was 6, threatening my parents that otherwise I would go with the cow on the plain in my grandmother’s village. I am the youngest lawyer in Romania. I was admitted the first with maximum grade to an LLM. I want only the best and the first. And that requires a lot of work.

Going back to where I have started, it’s a vicious circle, but I guess this applies for all ambitios career oriented youngsters.


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