Happy Birthday to two dear men, together 80 years older than myself, but in many ways younger than myself. May the road be backwards to them as the world would lose mountains of knowledge and experience if they disappeared.

First one secretly ambitioned me pass the Bar Exam and taught me to see the unseen and predict what was not yet planned. To trust no one. Second one is one of the most influential people in the world and one of the biggest lawyers alive and made me see the broader view. He told me not to take a sabbatical year.

The first one I met in Romania in a very “interesting” and of course unpremeditated setting, the second one somewhere in this wide world, in one of the law capitals, in the same spontaneous way. Some would say I met both of them by mistake, but …

There are no coincidences in this world. Only destiny. Not even them having the same birthday date is a coincidence. Or that they are both lawyers. Or that they have both lived most of their lives abroad. Or that their significant contribution of their activity is (supposed to be) quite low-profile. And there is such a long list to continue the story. Including me.

To the first I wanted to offer the world. He did not say no, but that is how I learn to see the unseen. The second wanted to offer me the world because he has it. I did not say no. He is too much of a gentleman. I did not say yes. An idealist. I climbed the steps of the airplane with his gift embellishing my fist.

Such a gentleman, an idealist. Old school. He taught me what a critical hour was in international law, but also in real life. We walked through the darkness of the royal park. Soon the park guards drove slowly and asked if everything was fine. I was not sure what made me feel safer, the policemen or the international (court of justice) judge.


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